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The fanged monster is still alive!

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Of course I am not speaking of the gigantic Kerken or the screeching Nazgul! Consider them only in Captain Jack Sparrow’s (and not just Jack Sparrow!) adventures or the classical trilogy of Lord of the Rings. Let’s get in 2015 straightaway. I will for convenience mention some of the ‘fanged’ monsters of our age: the massive competition- visible in every examination, the HOD- who has forgotten that once he was a kid too; the Boss who is always right; Stagnation- no promotion, whom should I now impress!; the Spouse- ehh should i need to stress on that; Time- which obeyed not King Canute; Neighbour- ugly duckling yelling always; Friend- thanks to 3 Idiots movie for showing prospect in this direction too; Intoxication- ohh when will I finally quit before my lungs and kidneys tweak; Intextication- whatsapp and hike sucks all my time; Media- ask filmstars; then comes the state of being penny-less, chick-less; then we have people worrying because of day to day degrading environment, God fearing people often engrossed in pious activities, watchmen, patients and a lot more to add! I hope you had picked your category 😛 if not need not worry, everyone is in want of an all-type repellent to ward these away, yet only a few of us could ever find one!

Why only a few of us? Even the luckier ones may not at time! Then what is the parameter that decides who will? Is it some Bayes formula of Assortion or simply a random experiment trial that leads to individuals getting their tension buster repellent? But a problem for me may not be a problem for another person. Since I have more tolerance than him, I can bear the look of my ugly neighbour more than he does but I cannot stay in the same cubicle, slogging forever as he does! Now if problems are all different, our perspective being unique also then perhaps our level of contentment varies with people to people too! By logic, if favourable events occur exactly as ‘I’ desire for, ‘I’ should feel satisfied. But is this the only path of satisfaction? What about those times when I have no control over the consequences? I shall be unhappy, miserable, fighting with life, questioning myself, analysing the self that why things failed to happen my way! Maybe i find a reason, maybe i leave it on fate and maybe i fail to understand the fiasco at all. What ‘I’ will conclude at the end is that you don’t always get what you want. I would like to touch upon two essential things here- purpose and action! These are my two fanged monsters…

Purpose without action is simply a dream and action without purpose merely passes the time! Isn’t this true enough to justify they being monsters! Well a deeper look. Not many on this planet really know what their purpose or passion in life is. Pursuing the expectations of my family and society and working with the sole purpose to bring smiles on their faces is hard work indeed, but not passion! But somewhere in life passion will definitely strike! Maybe one did not have enough resources or options earlier. Passion will now create havoc! It will challenge our beliefs and notions that we have constructed so far in such a way that it will seem really hard to put them away. And thus, many of us don’t! Passion weakens and strike with less intensity the other time and constantly weakens until it perishes… purpose is lost, but action is still there. Action will definitely land us on to an elevated place since we have been hearing that hard work is the key to success. And so a successful lifetime passes, just like that of any other person because again success is a way of thinking and not the attitude.

But what if I have a dream, which I know is really out of the world and the only people to think alike were Einstein, whose name will always echo with the theory of relativity, or the great Alexander, who conquered as long as his heart was pumping valour in to his nerves…ohhh but I am too lazy to make a note of it today, maybe I will start working on it from tomorrow. Tomorrow comes, as it always does but now we have reasons to give! I could have, but only if I had money. Or but only if I had a strong physique. Or but only if I had a merrier voice. Keeping the genuine family constraints out of the purview, many of us blame the ‘humanitarian’ side of us. I value personal relationship more than my dreams. Had it not been for my family, I would have never given up on my dreams! It’s just that I am not that type of guy who would neglect relations at the altar of personal sweet success! So and forth as life continues I have people to blame and reasons to justify my inability to take action! But as it goes that one often finds his destiny on the way one takes to avoid it, years later when this slogging soul meets the same spark arising in the eyes of his own child-yes innocent dreams gleaming- he identifies it instantly, as he had a life time ago with the same Einstein and Alexander approaching towards him in his vision, Ohhh what should he do now? Will he say “Yes lad! I too saw a dream at your age but sacrificed it for the sake of my family.” Or whatever else he speaks in defence, let his kid decide whom to side with, reasons or dreams!

Now since I have justified that purpose and action are fanged monsters, I leave you with the last line, Purpose with Action can create Wonders!
Bon voyage

By:Harsh Vardhan Bisht


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