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There are few things that Artists expect. The main one is to see people react over their work. Christopher D. PETYT who is a mainly a Fashion Designer but although a painter and a photographer who recently created Celebrity Photo Studios based in Los Angeles, Paris and Dubai had ‘’The Idea’’ for he perfect image. During a conversation with a friend who was totally into famous brands when it come to shopping he visualized what would be the perfect shot. ‘’She seemed to be so addicted to shopping at famous brands’’ tell Christopher ‘’That I saw her as a drug addict craving for his drugs. So I put together the scenario of my perfect picture. A girl, dressed very elegant, sitting on the floor like a homeless, in front of one of the most famous brand of all times Chanel, on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, in the middle of the night, asking for money for shopping at Chanel’’.
Once the image was posted on social medias the ‘‘Likes’’ and ”comments’’ started to fall like a poring rain ! The image went viral. Christopher received not only comments from ‘’fans’’ of the image but request from medias and professionals from the industry who asked him to pay him to shoot what they wanted to do and asking him to bring his ideas to their project. It’s been 3 weeks now that the image had been posted and Christopher is going over the next 2 weeks to do Photo Shoots in France, Morocco, Hong-Kong, Qatar and Tokyo. All this success out of just ONE SINGLE IMAGE !!
‘’I am not putting no hold my Fashion Business’’ says Christopher but I am doing a new activity to my life ! The man who is already known for his success in the Art Business with his largest collection in the world of Old Masters Paintings, for being for 4 years involved with the legendary Jackson family from the Jackson 5 & Michael Jackson where he helped and managed Jermaine Jackson’s project after his brother’s passing as well as for his unique Fashion Concept of Most Exclusive Jackets in the World  is now on the way to add another success to his story Celebrity Photo Studios

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