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The importance of location in business and how to choose the best

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It’s often said that the location of your business could determine its destiny. The location of your business can also depend on its customers. The location can also limit or open up options for finding employees that are best suited for your needs.

There’s also a question of image. The location of your business can also determine the way your business will be perceived by both clients and competitors, which in turn could help generate more revenue and establish you as a leader in your industry.

The style

The location of your offices needs to match the style of your business. The corporate culture you’ve established will determine where your business should be located and how your offices should look like. If you have an informal and liberal work routine (reflected in the dress code, work hours and the way people address each other, for instance) the building you have chosen should also be in a hip neighborhood.

This also means that changing location could be used as a way to change the culture. Use the move to change your business inside out and make it more suited to the new place.

The community

By moving to a new location you’re also becoming a part of a new community. Don’t forget that this also requires time and effort. Try to get your business involved in local charitable projects right away and try to connect with the local political and social leaders.

This is more than just a PR stunt. Foot traffic actually means a lot for a business and you want to have the trust of those who will interact with your business the most. This is something that usually can’t be faked and local residents will know what company is actually involved in the issues concerning the community.

The cost

Moving a company from one location to another comes with some costs. The most obvious ones are related to buying or renting a new place, but if you believe that you’re done once that is covered, you are mistaken.

For a while at least you would need to run two offices at the same time and redirect all your mail and contacts to the new address. The actual move is also an endeavor that lasts at least a couple of days, so make sure you find a trustworthy business that specialize in truck rentals. That way you can choose from different models of cars, vans and trucks and move at competitive prices.


Older buildings often look nice and have an appealing retro look that can impress both customers and business clients. They are also located in nice and usually quiet neighborhoods. All of this may cause a business owner to jump at the opportunity to buy one as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

However, these buildings often don’t have the infrastructure needed to run a modern day business. The power grid isn’t strong enough to sustain all the gadgets needed in a modern office and parking isn’t accessible enough for a larger company. Take all of this into account before making a decision.

Proximity to other businesses

For some industries proximity to your competitors is of crucial importance, while for others it’s just a matter of convention. It often happens that businesses of a certain type group together in the same neighborhood, and you should follow suit.

It’s also important to be close to vendors and larger clients if your business depends on them. The proximity saves you money and gives you the opportunity to be in the middle of things and mingle with important people in your business.

Your business location means a lot and it can actually help your bottom line, so choose carefully and think about what your business could be in the future and not just what it is now.

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