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The Importance Of Understanding Your Skin Type

 In Order To Get The Best Body Exfoliator


If you want healthy and youthful looking skin, then you need to exfoliate. Without constantly exfoliating, your skin will break out, feel rough and appear dull. To get the skin back to its beautiful and natural looking state, it needs to be exfoliated. Exfoliation can be tricky if you don’t understand your type of skin. What is the best you need? How often should you use it? To help out, below will explain the different types of skin, what product is best suited and how often it should be applied.

Sensitive Skin Types

If you have sensitive skin then you need to be careful which product you are applying on the surface of your skin. People with sensitive skin types need to exfoliate regularly either one or two times a week. A lot of exfoliation products, such as creams and scrubs, can risk irritating the skin and cause it to become red and dry. To avoid this, go for a deep exfoliating body mitt. As your skin is sensitive, look for an exfoliating body mitt that is made from natural materials such as tree cellulose threads. This will ensure that your pores are unclogged without causing discomfort and over-aggravating the skin.

Dry Skin Types

The cause of dry skin is due to the skin not producing as much sebum as other skin types. This is because it does not have enough lipids needed to efficiently retain moisture in the skin, which can lead to problems such as xerosis. Dry skin should be exfoliated around two to three times a week, and again, an exfoliating body mitt is best recommended. As dry skin is constantly losing water through perspiration, not regularly exfoliating will cause the skin to appear dull and flaky very quickly. After exfoliating, always remember to hydrate your skin by using a moisturising body lotion that is designed for your skin type.

Oily Skin Types

As opposed to dry skin, oily skin types produce too much sebum and is referred to as seborrhea. This skin type is prone to a variety of different forms of acne as well as whiteheads, pimples and blackheads. Unlike the other skin types, people that have oily skin should be exfoliating at least three times a week, and in certain cases should be exfoliating every day. To ensure that the pores are completely unclogged and all dead skin cells are removed, a deep exfoliating body mitt is recommended. Simply soften the body with warm or hot water, rub the surface of the skin in long firm strokes with a moderate amount of pressure, continue until all the desired areas have turned a pinkish colour, then wash away any debris with warm or cold water.

Understanding your skin type is key to finding the exfoliator that will provide the results that your skin needs. Luckily, body mitts serve as the best body exfoliator as they are made for every skin type. Search for body mitts online and start seeing the results today!

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