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The innovation center and its people

An innovation center for the NTT Group, the NTT Innovation Institute Inc. was set up in May 2013 in San Mateo. The company focuses on strategic innovations, technologies, and process. NTT i3 shifted to Palo Alto in 2014 to accommodate its growing numbers.

The innovation center was intentionally established in the heart of Silicon Valley. According to the CEO, the move was made to leverage the best of two worlds – startups and recognized enterprises. Being part of the NTT Group allows NTT i3 access to an established distribution network. By situating itself in the Silicon Valley, it is at the ground zero of technological innovation.

The first crucial player of NTT i3 is Nina Simosko. She is the Chief Executive Officer and President of the company. Before joining NTT i3, she led the global strategy planning and operations for Nike Technology. Previous to Nike, Simosko held a leadership role at SAP’s Global Premier Customer Network. Nina states that it was her tenure at Nike that taught her ‘to collaborate and support innovation initiatives for global companies.’ At NTT i3, she makes use of this experience by helping enterprises understand and accept new technological approaches to business. At present, Nina is also part of the advisory boards of Reflektion and AppOrchid, two technological firms based in the Silicon Valley.

The Chief Business Development Officer, Ravi Srivatsav, is the second brain behind NTT i3. He is also the head of product management and strategy at the firm. Previously he worked at IBM, Microsoft and Fox Interactive Media. He held positions of varied capacities including engineering and product management.  Just before coming on board NTT i3, Ravi was the founding CEO of ElasticBox, a cloud application manager.

Since NTT Group wanted a combination of start-up culture and values of an established firm, it appointed an NTT veteran as the CFO of NTT i3. Tatsuya Hisano is an alumna of Keio University, Tokyo and Purdue University. He has worked as a network planner and engineer for the NTT Group for more than twenty years. He is also the chief administrative officer of NTT Innovation Institute Inc and a board of director.

CloudWAN, and example of disruptive technology being created by NTT i3 and its brother and sister subsidiaries, was recently unveiled during the fall conference of ONUG in 2017.The launch was a collaborative effort of NTT i3 and two NTT Group partners – Internet Solutions and NTT PC Communications. The former is a leading pan-African telecommunication services provider, and the latter is a communication solution provider in Japan.

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