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The “Logan Paul” Marketing


We’re all familiar with the basics of marketing (if not, we have kotler, don’t we?) .  Not just kotler, we have soo many other books to read on marketing , branding , advertising , selling , negotiation etc.

But many of these books miss out on something that is very important in today’s glo-calized era. “Building YOURSELF into a BRAND”

Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan , Stephen Hawking are perfect examples of how to build a brand out of your own personality. And with the spread of the digital wave all over the world, its even more easier (but onerous) to do that.

Why the antithesis? Because there are limitless tools & platforms available to reach out to the masses .But , the number of people present over all these platforms are enormous, which makes it all the more difficult to stand out. (300 hrs of video’s are uploaded on YouTube every minute)

But there is this 23 year old guy, from a small town in Ohio , who probably cracked every single metric & probably hit all the right marketing strategies to become what he is today. Yes, we’re talking about  LOGAN PAUL.

We have quiet a few books  talking about numerous ways & “to-do’s” of building a personal brand, but there’s a lot to learn from what Logan Paul has been doing to build his own brand. So here , we’re going to be talking about his niche & unique way of doing so.

Now, those who are wondering “who the hell is Logan Paul ?” , maybe you’re not a part of the 38 MILLIONLo-Gang(“Ahh, followers in Logan Paul terms”) . He’s been the fastest growing YouTube channel ( 17 million subscribers) in 2017-18 (Officially by YouTube) . He started off by making funny videos on Vines (that went freakin’ viral) and with all that popularity & looking at the potential YouTubehad , he jumped right onto the platform.

“But what content did he publish on YouTube?” DAILY VLOGS!!

So to cut to the chase, amongst all the hustle by Logan to grow his channel  (collaborations , outsourcing professionals ,appointing a personal manager, clickbait& last but not the least “MAKING EXCELLENT QUALITY CONTENT”)  im going to be talking only about a small part of what he probably did to hit 10 million subscribers in just 340 days(btw that’s more than Portugal’s population). And this is something which you wont find in any of the “oh-so-amazing” marketing books. Its just about how well he understood human psychology & used it in his favour.

“What does psychology have to do in this context ?”

Lets take a simple example:

When you’re in a classroom and see that “Two so called Bff’s” aren’t in good terms with each other anymore, you definitely want to know the reason , don’t you?! , or if you see an accident on the road, you definitely want to stop by and look !! Why? Because you are very eager to know the reason behind “Why has this happened” or “What has exactly happened”.

That’s the exact same thing Logan Paul used for his YouTube growth!!

So what did he do?

Logan has a younger brother Jake Paul (a.k.a the Paul Brothers), who is a YouTuberhimself , with almost the same level of Subscribers (15 Million as of now). The subscriber base (in terms of unique accounts) of both the brothers were similar & somewhat overlapping. But there were a massive percent of that who were following either of the two brothers. (Did you just see an opportunity right there?)

All they had to do is get the subscribers of the other brother to watch their video & make excellent quality content to retain them onto their channel, and BAM, win- win situation for both the brothers.

“But how should they do that?”.Well , their YouTube content had one sole reason “ENTERTAINMENT” . And as I mentioned about psychology, we humans tend to feel super – entertained by knowing about others fights & taking about it to our friends (“remember gossip?”).

What could be better than having 2 real brother’s who love each other soooo much (as per their Vlogs) fight with each other so bad, that the internet goes nuts & spreads it like wild fire? That’s what they exactly did!

So one day Logan decided to speak about his brother Jake’s  latest song release in his Vlog(Song :“Its Everyday Bro – Jake Paul ft. Team 10” ) . 60% of that Vlog was kind of continuous insulting of his little brother Jake for making such a ridiculous song , suggesting him to focus more on quality rather than quantity (as Jake made VlogsDAILY). Jake even has his tagline “Its Everyday bro” because of his daily vlogging lifestyle. Logan attacked right on that tagline suggesting his brother to make it every other day bro pin pointing again on quality rather than quantity. He even went to the extent of pasting stickers of “Its every OTHER day bro” on Jake’s car.

This was just the beginning. Post this , there were a series of videos on both the brothers channels just replying to each other in some or the other way , dissing each other, which just made the situation worse. The internet actually started to believe that both the brothers have developed hatred towards each other! (well, probably their plan was working)

What did all of this lead to? The subscriber base of each brother started to watch the other brother’s videos , because, to understand the missing links of the fight , they had to look up to both the brothers Vlogs. (Isn’t this what they exactly wanted?) . Jake Paul went to the extent of making an entire song (diss track) against Logan , insulting him & the Lo-gang .

Some lines from the song :

“Why do all your vlogs look like mine, reflection

I see you talking trash about the song we made

We did it in One day , you had to spend 60k

Turn on your Radio, kiss FM just hit us with a play.” 

Not to forget ,CONTENT IS KING !! Both the brother’s were very good at YouTube videos , all they needed is new audience to watch their vlogs& 4-5 vlogs down the line, that same new audience were a part of the Lo-Gang or the Jake Pauler’s ! That’s exactly what this artificial beef between the Paul brothers did!

Post Jake’s disstrack  , Logan had to reply back & better. And nothing like replying back with a much more abusivediss track. (After all , these diss tracks on their channel got 100 million+ views while their vlogs around 8-10% of that).

But the marketing didn’t end at this, they wanted to make more out of whatever they had. That’s the reason Logan decided to release only the “first verse” of his diss track on Jake.

(The video of this diss track literally ended on someone’s legs that looked like Jake’s ex girlfriend’s—(MORE CONTROVERSY & GOSSIP?!)

This was the phase which lead to extreme hooking up to their videos as everyone wanted to hear the “second verse” of the diss track (Logan had said that the reason he didn’t release the 2nd verse was because it was too offensive and Jake wouldn’t be able to handle it—He wanted to be the BIG BROTHER in this situation) .

Post this the next 5-6 videos on Logan’s channel were just CLICKBAIT giving viewers the hope that “this vlog definitely gave a glance of the 2nd verse”.

After a few days  Logan suddenly uploads the “second verse” on his YouTube channel (which was offensive as hell). As expected , the girl in the video was Jake’s ex girlfriend. The “second verse” attacked Jake Paul completely on his personal life & all his failures through his career . “It had everything that only a real brother could possibly know” .This video ended with Logan kissing Jakes ex-girlfriend (Alissa Violet) ——– (“But what about the bro code?”).

This video spread like WILD FIRE. (186 million views)

To sum up all of this, do you see the level of marketing out here? Creating artificial beef, pulling each other’s audience onto their channels , getting them hooked up to the content and finally making them a part of their subscriber base.

Not only that, it worked out soo well for them , that according to sources, the subscribers actually started having conversations with their non-subscriber friends about this entire Paul Brothers beef, which got even them interested and lead to even them watching the brothers videos. (And there they go – a complete new set of audience)

Hats off to the Paul Brothers !!!

This is a type of marketing which may not work for everyone, but it definitely has a lot to learn from. It also changes the way we think & opens up our minds to explore new ways of getting out there to our audience…

By: RishabhPai

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