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The Madras Pinjrapole Upgraded

A new state-of-the-art cow shelter Inaugurated


Cattle are considered sacred in India and were also a symbol of wealth in ancient days.  But over a period of time, the importance of cattle in our life has diminished though its significance and impact hasn’t changed much.

Pinjrapole located on Konnur High Road, Ayanavaram Chennai, was founded in 1906, is a charitable Trust that takes care of 2000 cows till their natural death. On Sunday 30th November 2014 8 new shelters were dedicated for taking care of cows. The shelter’s design ensures that the Temperature is lesser by 10 degree than the outside temperature, which is a big relief for cows during summers.

The function was attended by his Holiness Jain Acharya, BhagwantShreemad, Vijay Dharma, and Dhurandharji Maharaj along with hundreds of their followers, who enjoyed the pleasure of feeding cows in this new shelter with their hand, along with children & family.

Hon. Secretary Sri. Mahindra Parmer mentioned that the Madras Pinjrapole Trust has planned to open more shelters in the coming months.

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