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The Middle Eastern Business Woman Redefining Her Craft

It is often believed that the survival of business women in Middle Eastern society is challenging. However, there are few fascinating female entrepreneurs who have appeared as convincingly successmogul.

Mesmerizingly bright and charming personalities such as Warda Sowimel haveemerged as motivating, inspiring and empowering woman.Warda is actually a dentist by professionbut she isnow pursuing her ultimate passion of makeup artistry and elegantly inspiring many women across the globe.

During an interview Warda Sowimel shared a striking thought that;

“Change does not always have to be a process of improvement and perfection. At times, it is a process of innovation which can be discovered over the period of time. When Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, he did not twitch by trying to improve the tallow candle. Instead, this genius decided that he wanted better light and went from there.”

            Warda Sowimel is known for her beauty with brains. Her dynamic personality proves that if a person is willing to become successful then nothing can come in their way. Warda has entered the field of businessin the year 2004 and accomplishedmany milestones. Recently, she has launched her own globally recognised cosmetic brandknown as “Warda Sowimel” through which she has revolutionized the makeup line and contact lens. Additionally, she has come up with a product line which includes an array of perfumes, nail polish, lipstick and lashes.

At another forum, Warda said that;

“Beauty means so much more than just makeup, and for me it is a huge part of my motivation behind Wardah Sowimel Cosmetics, and Oxygen Contact Lens. I created the makeup and lenses range to introduce a quality collection of products for women across the region.”

            So, Wardah Sowimelis amix of sophistication and elegance through which she has redefined her craft in the Middle Eastern business.

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