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The Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism, José Manuel Soria, opens the International Forum of Digital Content, “FICOD2014”

  • · The Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism, José Manuel Soria, stressed during the ceremony the high degree of compliance that the digital economy is among young entrepreneurs.
  • · Nick Bilton, a columnist for The New York Times, has unveiled secrets and strategies currently unknown and which will become particularly important in the coming years.
  • · The role of the Internet in the musical creative process, connected cars, video games, virtual reality and audiovisual creation have been some of the protagonists themes during the first morning of FICOD 2014.

Jose Manuel SoriaMadrid, December 2, 2014. – The International Digital Content Forum starts with an expectant audience and a public that places high expectations in an event that according to Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism “is an extraordinary platform to value everything that is done among all in the future. “

The Minister stressed at the beginning of his speech the role of video and Youtube, as “the new tool of communication par excellence”. The video traffic is higher and 35% from mobile data transmission, and in a few years will be 50%.

For José Manuel Soria, the “internet of things is already present” and “digital economy is thus the economy of today.” The digital economy is having a high degree of compliance between young entrepreneurs and is an opportunity to value all that is to come, which is much more than anything we have hitherto known.

Nick BiltonSubsequently, there has been the opening by Nick Bilton, a columnist for The New York Times and one of the most authorized to discuss the future of media voices paper. There s been talk of a screen-based and wearables future, along with virtual reality. To Bilton, “Every day we wake up in a different world”, which are already being developed intracutaneous chips, used in sports and health and pills that by swallowing, transmit information from our body, such as temperature or oxygen.

Music and the Internet’s role in the musical creative process have also been involved in FICOD Hand Cora Novoa , curator of musical content, for which the music industry, it is best to spend time integrate and adapt to technological innovations and Nacho Sánchez , founder of InQBarna, who surprised the audience by creating live electronic music with the help of an iPad.

Scott Lyons , head of business development at Ford Motor Company, and Javier Clarke , director of innovation and business development at IAB Spain, spoke about the connected car and have highlighted the wide range of possibilities open for business content digital in the automotive sector. They have highlighted the importance of car apps for social and recreational type as business opportunities.

In the area of FICOD Industry , enterprises Group sequoia, Virtualware Group, Esri Spain Geosistemas, Endemol, Smartycontent, Gamelearn, Gloom Studio, Omnium Lab Studios Production Follow or have been involved, offering presentations on the importance of digital business, development digital video, industry success stories … among many other topics.

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