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The Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Malaysia

Malaysia with its capital Kuala Lumpur is one of the most beautiful area for spending a romantic vacation or with family. Its Petronas Twin Towers offer a public skybridge and observation deck in addition to many other amazing things which you won’t see except in Malaysia. This country is also considered a home to British colonial-era landmarks including the Kuala Lumpur Railway Station and the Sultan Abdul Samad Building.

If you think of a vacation to Malaysia, then the list below of the best 5 places in Malaysia really worth checking:

1- George Town

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George Town is an amazing island state which contains the biggest Chinese population in all Malaysia. Actually, it is the capital city of Penang which was in the past an important trade center for the British.

George Town was given this name name after the Britain’s King George III. It is very beautiful and rich of eclectic architecture and historical buildings which are mainly situated in the oldest part of the town.

2- Langkawi

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In a group of 99 islands  Langkawi is the main island. Langkawi offers scenery which will blow your mind with its beauty and charm, it has beautiful beaches, crystal-clear water, fine sand, and coastal mangrove swamps and mostly liked by western tourists. Moreover, the inland areas are also amazing with their thick tropical jungles and luxuriant vegetation. They are rich in fauna and will impress any nature lover who is looking for a pristine, largely untouched rainforest.

3- A Famosa
Famosa means famous in Portuguese. It is a historical fortress in Malacca and the capital city of the Malaysian Malacca state.

Famosa was built in the early 1500s and then expanded over the course of that century. A Famosa can spark your interest of the curious and history savvy as an emblematic symbol of the city’s past. Malacca City also offers other amazing sights, like the Stadthuys, the 17th-century residence of the Dutch governor, and Jonker Street.

4- Cameron Highlands
This extensive hill station sits 1500 meters above sea level. It hosts the largest tea plantations in all Malaysia, and this gives it the fuzzy appearance which attracts the tourists here.

Moreover, the Cameron Highlands’ beauty and popularity can be also referred to its climate. The temperatures rarely drops below 10°C or rises above 21°C, so it is considered the coolest region of Malaysia.
5- Kuala Lumpur
Although this country is rich with fabulous natural landscape, Kuala Lumpur’s Petronas Twin Towers are really considered an amazing unusual example of Malaysia’s urban design excellence. They were designed by the American architecture star César Pelli then were officially inaugurated in 1999. Till 2004, these towers were the tallest buildings in the world. They rise to a little over 450 meters from ground level and contain 88 floors of offices. However, the most impressive feature of these towers is the double-decker bridge which connects them on the 41st and 42nd floors.

These are only 5 amazing places which you can enjoy when you visit Malaysia but there are a lot more. Therefor, hurry up and book your next trip.

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