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The must have stuffs – for your dreamy, phenomenal Honeymoon errantry!

HONEYMOON 3It is an established and notable truth (not a notion) that a honeymoon errantry can yield the fanatic ambience yet amenity to a couple to recognize each other properly. As depicted by the prophecy (evolved by their precognition, not a seeming something modality at all therefore) of the prudent people – each one of the planet earth has a contagious but violent, vibrant volition in his or her sanctum to yield the magnitude to make his or her honeymoon excursion not only a memorable one but also a conjunction of dream and notion – engulfed with serenity and indemnity – as a matter of fact!

If you are not a rebel, vicious, wicked yet envious of these ethos, have no desire to take avenges from them, then, this allegiant article won’t despair you and will surely help you out to make your this particular practicable ascension easier.

HONEYMOON 1First of all yield magnitude to pack your bags properly – don’t be a faddist or a stumbled one at all.

*For your honeymoon errantry, you have to opt a pat contraception definitely.

*Aroma oil.

*Some naughty accessories to make your trip funny and playful.

*Take a sunscreen lotion, lip balm.

*Waterproof, long lasting makeup kits.

*Make up remover.

*Body lotion, other skin, and lip (coloured) care products.

*Hair spray, hair gel.

*Shampoo, conditioner, hair oil, other hair care products.

*Deodorant, separate perfumes for day and night (for both of you) – in the very special trip of honeymoon.

*Room freshener.


*Nail file, clippers.

*Hair dryer.

*Combs and hair brushes.

*Other hair accessories.

*Toothbrushes, toothpaste (roam friendly sized), other dental care products (tongue cleaner, mouth freshener etc) (each one is for both of you).

*Soap, face wash.

*Hair remover.

*Shaving cream.

*Razors (for both of you – if necessary).

*Shower caps (for both of you).

*Cotton balls, swabs, wipes.

*Sunglasses and night glasses (for you both).

*Sun hats or baseball caps (for both of you).

*Raincoats and/or compact umbrella (for both of you).

*Day time outfits (for both of you).

*Swing kits.

*Pullover, sports jacket, light jacket, khakis, jeans, tank tops, T – shirts. (for both of you).

*Cardigans (for both of you).

*Shorts (for both of you).

*Sun dresses (for both of you).

*Underwear (for both of you).

*Strapless bra – for the lady.

*Swimsuits (for both of you, but for the lady – 1 one peace and 1 bikini).

*Swimsuits cover up (for both of you).

*Workout outfits (for both of you – if you want to visit the gym actually).

*Workout sneakers (for both of you – if you want to visit the gym actually).

*You can take your old sneakers and keds with you also.

*Black dress.


*Slack nightdresses (for both of you).

*Footwear (for both of you).

*Walking shoes (for both of you).

*Evening shoes (for both of you).

*Walking sandals (for both of you).

*Evening sandals (for both of you).


*Evening purse.

*Jewellery with jewellery box.


*Swiss Army knife.

*Alarm clock.

*ID tags.

*Travel locks.

*Ziplock bags.

*Canvas tote bag.

*Small backpack.

*Waist pack.

*Medicines like paracetamol, motion sickness medicine, anti itch cream, Diarrhea medicine, painkiller, anti bacterial lotion, aspirin, antacids.

*Band aid.

*Books, guidebook, maps.


*Electrical converter.

*Insect repellent.

* And obviously the important documents like – reservation confirmation, traveler’s checks, tickets, passport, visa, driving license, credit card, and important phone numbers.

By: Mithu Ghoshal 

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