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   It is only for that one night. It is happening for last 6 months. 14thnight of every month in that village two old people are commenting suicide. Nobody knows about the reason behind this. The Government sends  many special teams to that village, but, that special teams don’t want to leave that village. But only one person in one team comes back and gave one diary to the chief officer and within two days he was committed. After reading that diary, officer was shocked and committed suicide!!


10th May 1997,


                   Oooph! Now wereached this place. This village is very good, pleasant. Everyone in this village is very innocent and kind people. But, here all are old people. I did not find even a single young, adult and middle age people. One thing happened when we entered in this village. There is a well in this village. Old people force us to drink that water. OK, it’s too late.I’m getting sleep….

11th May 1997,


                  Our investigation starts today. We are a team of 5 members. We went to one house. There are 4 members, all are old people. The surprising thing is that, all are above 90 years. But they look very healthy. We ask their secret. But, they don’t want to reveal that secret. Not only this house, every house like this only. We got a shock and surprise. One of my friends, is very eager to know and he told us that he stays todays night in one house. We first reject, later we agree. What will happen we don’t know. Let’s see….

12th May 1997,


               I don’t know, what was happening today. I thought that Is it true (or) dream? Because my friend who went to one house, don’t want to leave that house. He said that is his own family. He doesn’t want to come to us. Two of our friends want to relive this mystery. They left us without any intimation.Me and my friend Bhushan only stay in our home at present. We are very scared right now…

13th May 1997,


             Today is ‘black day’ to us. Because my two friends are cruelly killed. We don’t know, who killed them. My friend was feeling very scared and he got a high fever. In this village, no hospital is there. Here no one need doctor. I don’t know, what I have to do. The shocking thing is that my friend who in another house, became very old!!! I think that, something is wrong in this village. God! Please help me. I don’t believe in god, but these situations made me to believe.

14th May 1997,


Today, one old woman has come to my place and save my friend from fever. She told me everything about the incidents happened in this village and along with another old man jump into that well. After hearing her words, my legs and hands are starting shivering.


 The next day, Bhushan escaped from that village and gave that diary to Chief Officer and told him the entire unknown story and next day Bhushan committed suicide. Chief Officer recorded Bhushan’s story and kept that cassette somewhere and committed suicide. Nobody knows about this cassette.

       Years have passed…. One day because of room extension, they remove all shelves. New Chief Officer found that cassette. He put in tape recorder and starts listening.


Ramapur, a decent, beautiful and good village. That was full of happiness. Every family in that village was a joint family. Suddenly, one year, a great famine hit that village. That’s why some people want to leave that village. But, old people don’t want to leave that village. They want to escape from that great famine. That’s why, they meet some Aghora’s for help. Aghora’s said that, every month on 14th night (14thdate because, 1400 families are living in that village) any of two old people jump in that village well. If they do like this, then only they escape from famine. If they miss, even one month, the entire village was swept off with a great flood. They followed the words of Aghora’s. Every month they did like that, after some months, population of old is reduced from thousands to hundreds. They worried about their situation. That’s why, they asked help to Aghora’s. Aghora’s gave them one bottle of water. They said that, mix that water inthe village well. People who drink that well water, they will become old. Those old people, kept that information very secret. So many people don’t know about that. Within 2 days, the entire people in that village became old.  But due to age problems population of old people comes from hundreds to tens. That’s why they made one plan. They call doctors for health checkups. Only one doctor escaped from that village. He told everything to the local police. That police man made an investigation and found that on every month 14th night two old people have committed suicide. Due to this reason, the entire world turned towards that village. But sad news, is that, old people in that village are already dead. Their souls are living in that till now. Those evil spirits only did all these things. They only killed my friends.


          After hearing this story, New Chief Officer went to the forest and meet his grandfather (Aghora) and told him to stop this cruel thing.


            Krishna; a very good, kind, innocent, helping nature person. He has one daughter named as Kamala. She was very intelligent. She studied in the city and with the permission of her father, they got married there and return to the village. Mukhesh, village president’s son loved Krishna’s daughter very much. He got very angry and he wants to destroy them. With the help of local doctors, he injected one virus into Kamala’s husband’s leg, when he was sleeping in his father-in-law field. Initially it was very small, but later on that wound become critical and smells very badly. Kamala’s husband feeling hell situation. Krishna consults so many doctors. But due to Mukhesh effect, they did not help Krishna. Mukhesh, took this as a chance and spread bad news about Kamala’s husband that he was suffering from great disease. If we neglect this, this will spread to entire village. To trust everyone, Mukhesh cruelly killed 10 people silently and through that mistake to Kamala’s husband. Angry villagers, cruelly beat Kamala’s husband cut his effected leg and left him out of the village. And they decided to not to help that man. Due to the infection, Kamala’s husband was worse dead. Kamala was becoming mentally challenged person and committed suicide. After seeing this, Krishna wants to take revenge on the village people, even though the mistake is done by Mukhesh. He left that village and went to the forest and joined inAghora’s group and learned Occult Vidyal and cruelly killed Mukhesh by cutting his legs hands, removing his eyes and throw him somewhere. After facing worse situation, he died. Krishna creates great famine to village, and attract old villagers towards him and told the         ‘suicide solution.’


                  This new chief officer was the son of Kamala. He too angry on that villagers. But past is past. He thinks, they got punished because of their mistake, lets release them from this situation. He learns some Occult Vidyal from his grandfather and going to that village. Will his effort come true (or) not, let’s see…………..



By: Jayaram Injarapu

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