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Life is what we make. We all hear this many times but can we really believe on this quotation. Answer is there in our mind. What is that? Most of the people believe that we are what Life makes us. Is it so? Yes to some extent. But it doesn’t mean that we should go where life takes us. This is completely your Life. But then even we are not showing what we are that is the actual problem of this time. We are going very far from reality. Why it is happening with us? As we all know, as our age changes, our needs change.

Here I would like to introduce the word “AGE NEEDS”. This is a word where I take a pause because my mind becomes like a handicap. At the age of seventeen, people feel that they should get someone. There can be many situations but if we take a very common situation like if there is a boy, he feels a need of girl to share his problems rather emotions. If there is a girl, she feels a need of boy to share her emotions. This happens in everyone’s life. As our age goes on, our needs grow on. It doesn’t mean that all these needs are Fake but the fact is we need to be mature to certain extent where we can realise our mistake and can get rid of its effects. And that level of maturity is achieved when a person postpones immediate pleasure for long-term values. Emotions come and go and can’t be controlled so no need to worry about them.

The whole concept which I want to say that is- Nothing is right or wrong. Don’t be rigid. Be flexible and if you think you are right then prove yourself in front of others not by your words but by your result. We all do the blunder in our life and this is the fact we can’t forget it until and unless we change it by something great. So change it. Don’t wait to do blunder by remembering the mistakes which you have done in your past.

Now the next word which comes in my mind is “EQUANIMITY”. We can achieve this if we don’t give opportunity to others to sell our emotions. Life is too short to celebrate if you are happy but it is too long to live if you are sad. The successful key is to forget your pain if you try to make others happy because of some logical reason “The entropy of the universe is constant”. It sounds silly and can make you laugh but it is true. So if you make others happy then you will have to compensate the effect of your pain.

 So get a grip on your emotions. Don’t let them sell you short. Always remember there is only one Life. So live your Life happily and try to make your soul as the perfect one. Nothing is perfect but when you die and after that people miss you that doesn’t matter but till they do that matters. And this is what I like to call “the perfect soul” which always alive in the heart of our loved ones.

By: Pragya Gupta

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