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The Ranipill: Futuristic Robot pill that injects drug via intestine walls

Futuristic Robot pill

Not all drugs can be transferred into our body in form of pills as in biological processes the digestive enzymes are destroyed which were to break down this swallowed drug and instead we have to go for an injection. How easier it would be if we were to swallow a pill for these drugs instead of going through the painful process of being injected. Well, your prayers have been answered by the Rani Therapeutics. The medicinal company has designed a robotic pill which can be swallowed instead of taking an injection to get the drug transferred into the cells of your body.

How does the robotic pill function?

The Ranipill is designed in a way to puncture the walls of the small intestine with a needle that is filled with a drug. Though it sounds weirdly dangerous, the tested result proved to be otherwise. As once the robotic pill has been swallowed it directly moves into your small intestine and releases two gases there. These gases released dissolve to form carbon dioxide that inflates a balloon which will help the needle to push through the intestinal walls. This protective balloon doesn’t let you feel any sensation. After several tests were conducted on animals, Ranipill went through the first phase of being tested on humans and the results give a positive lead.

The pill is not made up of springs, metal parts or any electrical component. It is coated with a layer to protect it from the low pH environment and once it has reached the small intestine with a high pH environment the coating of the pill starts to dissolve and the inflating and injecting process takes place. Once the needle has injected the drug into the walls of the intestine the polymeric substance dissolves and defecates along with the other wastes from the body.

The robotic pill after passing its Phase 1 clinical test is now being prepared for the next level. Although the inventors of the pill suggest that Ranipill is not yet ready to carry some drugs; as these drugs will be required to be injected in a heavy amount to perform their targeted function and the futuristic robotic pill is not yet designed to bear such larger doses. After the tests were conducted the feedback received from FDA regarding the pill was to give a complete demonstration about the safety because the usefulness of the pill has already been established, and once all the requirements are fulfilled the drug shall be used for clinical purposes.

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