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The sham behind feminism and its real meaning


When it comes to being a feminist, there is a fine line between being an actual feminist and being an oppressor or playing victim. Feminist in reality is about getting equal rights for women as being received by men in the society. Whether it is the right to education, employee allowance, or any other, women need to have rights that go hand in hand with men. However, with time the real meaning of feminism has changed substantially.

What’s wrong with feminism today?

More than being a means to achieve societal equality, feminism has turned into a tool that is particularly obsessed with victimhood. This is seriously disempowering for the section of women that actually believes in equal rights. It has started feeling like some kind of religion that comes with its own set of rules and regulations to be followed when it comes to what women should say, think, and do.

Women and Freedom in India

Even though, till today we can see female population being oppressed by the male gender, there are several instances where women have managed to attain equal status as men. Feminism and its spread is a slow process that can only be obtained with patience. One cannot expect an overnight change but it is sure to take the nation forward with women changing the way things work.

Cases that deteriorate Feminism

There have been cases in India where women try to play the victim card to get what they want just because the word “Feminism” has created a sense of women being the victim gender. However, the fact is that being a bad person isn’t gender biased. It can either be a woman or man. It is high time that things should be looked through to provide equal rights ensuring neither gender tries to take advantage of the same.

Now, women need to understand that men tend to work longer hours and dangerous jobs given the fact that it is more suited to their biological setup. This means, it is evident that they will be paid higher for the risks that they endure. But women in these cases demand equal pay which is impossible. The more risky the task and longer the work hours, the higher goes the pay. Even after that, many institutions all around the country make sure the pay provided to women and men at similar ranks is justified and equal.

Back in the 60s, feminism might have been about upbringing the women in the society but today when we have entered the 21st century, it is more about achieving equal rights for both genders. This means that none needs to be brought down, in order to lift up another.


Feminism will always be a hot debate when it comes to understanding its real meaning. However, one needs to keep in mind the fact that, anything that brings down another cannot be a good thing. Feminism is about seeing all with one eye and respecting everyone’s opinion. It is about equal rights for both gender as they walk hand in hand to uplift the society.


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