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The spell that Haridwar casts on the visitors

haridwarWhile returning from one of my trips to Rishikesh, our group happened to visit Haridwar as well to attend the famous evening aarti by the shore of Ganges. It is an important Hindu pilgrimage and it considered very sacred.

We reached Har Ki Pauri (the main place where aarti is done) around 6pm. The aarti started at around 6:30 during the sunset. It was a mesmerizing feeling when all the temples around the shore started to recite the aarti in chorus, with ringing bells. The view was picturesque. People offered their prayers with flowers and incense sticks in the Ganges.

Har Ki Pauri also hosts a local market with souvenirs and local food joints. One can spend their evening (post the aarti) very well in the market. The market has quite a lot of hotels also for the visitors. We stayed at one of the hotels overnight, and returned the other day.

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