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The story behind serial ‘patenter’ – David J. Cherry

Inventor, entrepreneur, author and visionary, David J. Cherry is not one, but all of these in one. Born in Fort Madison, Iowa, the multi-million-dollar businessman has two beautiful children – Cassandra and James with his now ex-wife, Carolyn D. Newell. David started off as a chemical engineer and a reputed executive at several Fortune ranked companies. His drive for passion and excellence, led him to create and develop numerous businesses, and visualising innovative innovations, crediting him with the title ‘Serial Patenter’.

His foray into the chemical trade laid the foundations of the many patents that he has to his name. David’s ingenuity is reflected in the multitude of his creations, which aren’t just limited to chemicals and constructions, but he also built and sold numerous entrepreneurial ventures, making him the multimillionaire he is today.

His most notable conception has been in understanding the human mind and consequently coming up with the Brainstyles System. This system is a unique, integrative system of uncovering the innate details of our personality that is hardwired into our genetic makeup. He published the book Brainstyles: Be Who You Really Are in collaboration with Marlene J. Miller. This happens to be one of the most widely accepted approaches in assembling the best combination of talent for building award winning corporate teams. His four-tier personality pattern has been a ground-breaking revolution in the corporate dominion helping individuals not only identify their potential but also helping them level up.

David J. Cherry has been a man to reckon with throughout the glorious journey of his life. He is someone who has always stood to remain exceptionally above the conventional. His brilliance and vision to look beyond the ordinary has been pivotal in creating the array of inventions credited to his name.

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