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How AI will redefine the closet of the future

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Is your wardrobe full of clothes but every time you open it, do you feel there is nothing to wear? Are you confused about which accessory to pair with that beautiful tube skirt? Need a friend or a second opinion to tell you what looks best? Welcome to the exciting new world of artificial intelligence (AI), where the ever-so-chic AI algorithms can come to your rescue and help you declutter your closet and offer best style tips without human intervention.

While we have graduated from hand-stitched garments to prêt-à-porter, it is not too far that AI will go a step beyond from being a fashion specialist to a wardrobe assistant. AI has already disrupted the fashion industry with predictive forecasting, merchandising and capacity planning;the future is going to get only more tech savvy! The robo stylist is going to be your ultimate guide to fashion. The gadget will exactly analyze your likes and dislikes and pick garments for you with regards to your personality, tastes, occasions, mood and body type. Imagine having a stylist in your wardrobe that remembers what you own and helps mix and match different pieces in your wardrobe to create new outfits for you. A robot that will save your time and helps you organize or sort your wardrobe as per days and occasions as well as keeps your outfit ready for your favorite cup of coffee. As imagined this robo stylist has its facts right and you just need to update your destination, your outfit will be displayed. If it has a planner installed, you wouldn’t have to update your destination every day. The robot stylist will 3D print your clothes, research trends for you and create exceptional looks just for you! It will also give you multiple options to choose from, along with offering that perfect pair of shoes, bags, belts, and other accessories!

The concept of getting dressed easier with the help of technology isn’t new. In 1995, an American coming-of-age comedy flick,Clueless, captured how Cher Horowitz’s expansive closet was a digitally-cataloged one, where she was able to flip through tops and bottoms on a touchscreen desktop computer to create her own looks. If the outfit didn’t work, the computer declared it as a mismatch, and, if it worked, the computer showed how it would look for a perfectly modelled image of Cher. Looks like the director could foresee the future, where machines could turn personal stylists. In 2017, Amazon had announced the Echo Look, a new addition to its Echo line of products. Echo Look is a fashion-forward device that is meant to help a person easily figure out what to pick up from wardrobe every day. Like Amazon, several companies are working on exploring the possibilities of AI in fashion to automate creative tasks. 

The world lies in the hands of technology.Machines are turning smarter than the human brain; ironically,developed by a human brain itself! It is able to predict the future actions of humans even before one does it, manipulate human thoughts, and,sometimes force humans to think the way it thinks. This manipulative, distinct creature is going to determine the future and most importantly transform human perception. With the 3D garment printing machine making enormous strides in the fashion industry, we are entering into space where humans are no longer required to create clothes. Jumping a few more years further to this, we can look forward to a technology that will be inserted in the clothes and secrete perfume at regular intervals, thus saving the time and effort of humans. It will also have the capacity to suppress the pain areas and eliminate them! This all-in-one outfit will also be able to provide heat, cooling, and moisturization whenever necessary.  The data chip will be able to predict the body temperature and zip up the jacket by itself if the body is cold and unzip it when warm. The chip will also predict human feelings and probably change the cloth’scoloras per the person’s current mood. Also, multiple layers and detachable parts of your garment can make your silhouette look totally different, so you could probably have two different looks while wearing the same garment. The looks could be changed by removing or adding elements to the same garment and also by changing the colour very conveniently. You could wear the same garment in the evening and to your surprise, nobody will be able to guess that it is the same outfit you wore in the morning. The jacket with the inbuilt charger is already out there and,the future awaits a garment with an inbuilt storage for items like food and other essentials that will also save all your important information like a USB storage device. The garment will be synced to your main storage device, hence making your data always available to you. The future of fashion lies in the hands of science and will only continue to only get fancier. Therefore, brace yourself because artificial intelligence is already taking over the runways!

By: Harsh Shah

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