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The Top Apps for Exploring Singapore

When vacationing overseas there are some apps that are helpful internationally. Unless you’re a wizard with super memory power. Many online websites can guide you while booking your vacation, from booking flights to selecting from a diverse range of hotels. But, when on trip in an unknown nation there are many apps that can come to your rescue and promise you a wonderful time with your loved ones. When in Singapore, here’s your guide on the top app for exploring the Lion city.

1. Comfort DelGrado

Singapore has a well connected public transportation system as well as an efficient taxi system. Though the prominent taxi services like Uber and Grab do exist in Singapore as well, it’s a good idea to know and to download Singapore’s official taxi company app which is the most reliable commute option in case you opt to travel by taxis. Furthermore, it’s agreeable that taxi services like Uber and Grabs don’t cost your pockets as much as the official taxi does, but there have been many cases when the guest have got end moment trip cancellations or drivers even getting them lost. You can check out the app – Comfort DelGrado, available on both Andriod and IOS.

2. Explore Singapore MRT Map

Though google maps might be the most used and convenient routing app that we all use regularly, the tiny island of Singapore is well connected by MRT and is one of the most effective ways to commute within the city. With three MRT routes, the app can really help you explore Singapore while making the most of your time. Especially in case, you need guidance for your way forward, look no further the app has it all. The Explore MRT Map gives you daily updates and the latest information on the MRT schedule with the timings, duration, and stops along the way which can help you plan your day better. Not only this, but the app also gives you details on the upcoming routes demonstrated through dotted lines.

3. Citymapper and bus@sg

Citymapper, again available on both IOS and android is although not created uniquely for Singapore, the app can give you many Singapore-specific details, including alternatives like a “heat safe” way and the best MRT route that is nearest to your destination. Subsequently, bus@sg is not that significant but can be quite helpful by giving you updates on the bus schedule. With this handy, you don’t have to wait long hours for a bus by showing when exactly the next bus would be arriving or if it would make more sense for you to walk your way through which happens in the majority of cases in case you’re in the city centre.

4. Lightning@SG

Singapore is a tropical country and close to the equator, the weather app of the country is not very effective in proving accurate data, it might always show you a temperature o of 28°C and thundershowers every single day of the year. Alternately the Lightning@SG app has a hallmark to trace not only lightning but the location and placement of rain clouds. Adding to this, it also gives you a much realistic depiction of the weather in various parts of the Lion city. This app can be really helpful while planning your day on-trip while keeping a quick check on the weather and then choosing from the diverse attractions Singapore has to offer.

5. Burpple and HungryGoWhere

Much like Zomato in India, both Burpple and HungryGoWhere furnish all the information you need to know before you get into any local restaurants of Singapore. These two apps are quite reliable as compared to reviews of many food bloggers or the popular blogging scene that has developed after the country’s growing food culture. Firstly, may of the local bloggers give their reviews based on sampling events rather than actual visits to the place, which is mostly mentioned at the end of the blog and goes unnoticed. Secondly, the publishing on the app is regular and hence the information found here is always updated and reliable.

6. oBike and Ofo

The recent trend of biking across the city with an increasing focus on health has spread across the country. oBike and Ofo are two Chinese startups that innovated a new scheme of bike-sharing and renting services for easy commutation without having a bike of your own. All you have to do is, deposit $50 on the app for registration and each bike rent after that would just cost you $1.00 per hour. The best part being, you can park them back to any nearby spot without having to take them back to the original place like common bike rental stores.

You can be sure that with these apps handy you can go in absolutely confident to explore the wonderful Singapore city and its top attractions. So, on-trip you have it all sorted. To make things earlier pre-trip, do check out some great deals and Singapore packages offered by travel companies like Pickyourtrail which can guarantee you a hassle-free experience throughout your vacation. So, hurry up and book yours today!

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