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The Top Four Careers in America that Earn the Most Money

The job market is extremely diverse in America. Here, we combine the physical labor of yesteryear with the mechanical expertise of yesterday and the digital tools of today. There are so many careers within each of the hundreds of industries represented in the United States. It can be difficult to know which field to enter into.

The best career to get into would be the one you actually enjoy the most. It may not pay as well as some others, but the fun you have everyday going to work is a stress-reliever that very little of the populace can claim; quality of work / life balance is better.

If you are considering careers that come with high salaries, then this list is for you. Here, we’ve compiled the top pay careers in America. Ignoring corporate leadership and career politicians – the two highest paying careers in the nation – we look at the best working-man careers to help you on your money-making path.


As the population continues to grow, and Baby Boomers – the largest of the American generations – growing older, the need for doctors is spreading. What started out as a career for people with a desire to help people, studying on their own and passing knowledge to each other thousands of years ago, has since become an institutionalized business. As such, the cost to see a doctor has exploded, as have the wages a physician can earn.

If you enter the healthcare field, you would expect to make, on average, $180,000!


As more and more people become reckless on the roads thanks to the increased use of smartphones while driving, the need for injury lawyers has risen as well. With more people thinking it is okay to steal from others rather than going out and getting a job, we have seen the need for additional criminal lawyers.

This is a sad trend. Yes, crimes have been committed throughout all of history, but it seems like matters are just getting worse. As such, the need for prosecutors of criminals and defenders of people’s rights is ever-growing. Are you going to be one of them?

If so, know that your salary will be dependent on the type of law you go into, but the median pay for a lawyer is $144,000.

Research and Development Manager

This is also going to depend on the industry you enter into. The average base salary can be $142,000 though.

This is the career for you if you like to lead a team in solving problems and developing new ideas or designs. You and your team could create a new product that has great real world applications, or you can lead them to devising a new process to streamline efficiency.

With technology like never before, you will constantly be pushed by company officers, and you will constantly be pushing your team, to remain innovative. If you have technical skills and leadership capabilities, this career might be for you.

Software Development Manager

This is a major career in the United States. Companies, both big and small, are looking for software developers and the managers to lead them. As mentioned, technology is everywhere and much of it runs on computers. You and your team will be responsible for developing the programs that run those computers.

Software is not just apps for a smartphone or a word processing program. Consumers have other needs for software. One of the biggest fields right now for software development would be the video game industry. Gaming companies are always trying to improve graphics designs, gameplay mechanics, and game coding. This might be a great career to enter into.

The salary for a software development manager is $132,000.

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