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The Touch of Music

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Music has been the epiphany of emotions felt by millions and millions of people since time immemorial. No matter which place we come from, what traditions we follow or the culture we have been brought up in, music has played a vital role in shaping the way we think and act in our everyday life. Whether we are filled with joy or filled with sorrow, some way or the other, it is music that helps in triggering various emotions, thoughts and memories that drives through our mind and body.

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain” as quoted by none other than Bob Marley, a man that had impacted the world of musicvigorously and built a legacy that will be remembered for years to come is a beautiful sentiment to portray what music is. A universallanguage that have touched people mentally and emotionally, a language that expresses humanity. It is music that joins people together and bring about a sense of unity amongst them.

One has to agree wholeheartedly that music has in some way contributed in getting through depression and boosting low self-esteem and benefitting our mental health.There have been many reports where music has played a pivotal role in helping the society cope with anxiety. Studies have showed that when people listen to music, a mood enhancing chemical called dopaminewhich is produced in the brain increases, thus, making it a contributor in assisting people to have a mentally stable mind.

Apart from being a therapist for some, music is a diverse art. An art which is unlikely to die. It lives in us throughout our time on this planet. The artists that have come and gone have left memories of their work, laid a foundation, left a legacy behind them and even though they may not be present physically, the music that they have produced lives on for the generations to come. Music is an art of conveying and sharing an emotion through the ingenious lyrical work, the feel of passion expressed in the artist’s work which in the end relates to every individual who listens to their music whom they do not know personally, that right there isthe beauty of music.

By: Joshua Lamangdor Lyngdoh

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