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The Truth about DIY Bed Bug Traps

DIY Bed Bug Traps

When it comes to bed bugs solution, everyone gets excited. Nowadays, the most popular solution that creates a buzz on the internet is DIY bed bugs trap. However, the feedback is not so good. There are mixed reviews, actually.

Maybe you have seen some videos on YouTube where you have seen that all you need to do is to place the trap under the legs of your bed and in the morning there are a lot of bed bugs inside the trap. But let me tell you that is not going to happen to you. You need to know the truth and in this article, I am going to tell you some truths about the DIY bed bug traps.

This cannot eradicate the bed bugs

Come on. How is this even possible to kill bed bugs with baby powder and tape? Does it make any sense?

Every day, a mother bed bug lays 5-10 eggs and more than 500 eggs in a year. So you can easily imagine how much will be the number if you cannot completely eradicate the bed bugs. Killing one or two bed bugs is not going to make any difference.

You have to kill each and every one of the bed bugs along with the eggs. If there is even a single bed bug out there, you will suffer from that for sure and after a few weeks, you will notice that there are a lot of bed bugs out there again. So there is not a single chance that this bed bug trap will eradicate the bed bugs.

This cannot prevent the bed bugs from biting you

Just think about it. How can a bed bug trap prevent the bed bugs that are already in your bed? Maybe you know that bed bugs can hide under your bed cover easily. So these bed bugs will easily reach you and bite you for sure. People hate the bed bugs just because of these bites, not because of the reason that these bugs spread diseases. People wake up and find out the sign of biting and that is the thing they hate most. So just like the previous point, the bed bugs trap cannot prevent the bed bugs from biting you.

It does not work longer

One of the main reason this bed bug trap is not recommended is that it does not last long. If it works as claimed I mean if it kills the bed bugs and prevents bed bugs from biting you even then it is not recommended because of this. You have to refill the trap after every 8 hours or you have to dispose it.

What should you do instead?

As you can see, if you want to eradicate the bed bugs or if you want to prevent bed bugs from biting you then this method is not going to work for you. Rather, you should follow the other methods. One of the best methods to completely eradicate the bed bugs is heat treatment. Other than that, hiring experts can be another good option instead of this bogus trap. And the best thing is prevention. Bed bugs enter your house with the luggage, bags, furniture and other things. So try to inspect every 2nd hand things and also the bag and luggage when you come back with these after spending a night outside the home.

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