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The undying beauty of Kasol

An unplanned trip is always better than a planned one, especially when the destination is KASOL. I had only hear of it before, but what i experienced during my trip was not even half of what I had heard. The sound of moving river, birds chirruping in a melodious tune, view of magnificent mountains, everything is beautifully etched in my mind.

I am not at all surprised with the immense beauty which India has, in fact the more I see and come close to it, my eagerness to explore it rises. The clear blue sky, the long standing mountains and beautiful flowing river, I must say these are the moments  which one should really experience.

The cafes and restaurants here are mesmerizing; they not only serve delicious cuisines, but also play some amazing music. So if you are here, make sure you spend some of your time in these cafes, althoush I would also recommend you to visit as many cafes as you can.


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