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The Weird and Wonderful Natural Phenomenon of the World

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“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better” – Albert Einstein

The ways of nature are deceptively simple. What we see and interpret may have a completely different meaning to nature. And yet, we are possibly the only species on the face of the Earth that are moved to tears watching a sunset, that gazes at the starry night sky with amazement, that feels humility and awe at most things around us.

The environment on our beautiful planet Earth is a massive wonder in itself and within it are numerous others – from endemic wildlife species to unique geological formations and from the large whales to the microscopic bacteria – there are many natural wonders make our jaws drop in amazement.

To celebrate the wonderful weirdness of nature, here is our pick of the top natural phenomenon from around the world.

  1. Lake Baikal (Siberia, Russia)

Starting with the list, we have the world’s largest freshwater lake in terms of volume: Lake Baikal. The massive natural phenomenon in south-eastern Siberia holds an astounding 5,662 cubic miles of freshwater, which is approximately 20 percent of the total freshwater resource on Earth.

To give an estimate of how massive Lake Baikal is, imagine a space where you can stack three Empire State Buildings, one on top of the other, and still be unable to reach the surface; that’s how deep the lake goes.

The locals refer to Lake Baikal as the “Pearl of Siberia”, and rightly so since vast taiga forests and tundra surround it.

  1. Aurora Borealis (Iceland)

As long as the humans have walked on the face of the Earth, they have been mystified and awed with the star-lit night sky. But wait till you see the celestial event of Aurora Borealis. Then you’ll experience how it feels to be a part of one of the biggest unfathomable mysteries of the cosmos.

Popularly known as the Northern Lights, the natural phenomenon of Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights are where massive curtains of colour swirl in the Milky Way, changing hues from light green to bright blue and red. In Norse mythology, these spectacular apparitions of ethereal lights were believed to be the legendary Valkyries leading fallen Viking warriors to Valhalla.

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  1. Redwood National Park (California, USA)

For more than 50 years, the Redwood National Park in Northern California has been the designated home of the Hyperion – the tallest living organism on Earth. Hyperion, a Great Redwood was first discovered in 2006. This massive tree soars at a staggering height of 379.7 feet or 116 meters into the sky.

If it were a skyscraper, it would have been more than 35 storeys high and even taller than the Statue of Liberty in New York and Big Ben in London. To see the Great Redwoods in person is a humbling experience. Most specimens of the species reach heights more than 300 feet and are more than 2,000 years old.

Therefore, when you stand beneath them, these thick red bark tower over you like some huge totem pole. Like the bright stars in the night sky, the Californian Redwoods too remind us of how small and insignificant we are!

Explore Nature to Dream and Feed Your Spirit!

Nature has a way of doing things. While we may have discovered the science behind many incredible natural phenomena, numerous others are still shrouded by unknown mysteries. We find ourselves humbled by the sense of transcendence but failing miserably to articulate or understand it all.

What we can do; however, is to take some time out of our schedules to explore these relatively unknown natural wonders and witness the grand scale at which these phenomena operate. So, get up, grab your backpack, a travel visa and a privilege credit card, and let these beautiful sceneries feed your spirit!

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