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The Wonders of Portable Wi-Fi Routers

The ability to connect to the internet is one which has become essential to modern day life. Whether for work, pleasure, research or anything else, it is hard to imagine how people would get by without being having access to the web.

Whilst the introduction of internet access on mobile devices has certainly revolutionised the world as we know it, there are now portable Wi-Fi routers on the market which offer a host of further benefits. Here is some further information about portable Wi-Fi routers. 

How Does a Portable Router Work?

A normal router usually connects to the internet using a combination of wires, such as an Ethernet cable from a provider like RS Components. A portable router essentially contains the same features which a regular, wired router contains, except it has no wires and can be used anywhere. By inserting a 4G sim card into the router, the user can gain access to the internet through any one of the multiple internet providers on offer. 

The router will allow multiple devices to connect to it at once, which would be much cheaper than paying for an internet plan for each device. They also tend to offer faster internet (depending on the provider).

What Are the Benefits?

The fact that no wires are necessary for these devices means it can be taken virtually anywhere in the world. As such, they certainly lend themselves to those who are travelling or even just going on holiday, allowing them to bring all their internet-based comforts with them.

Also, the download and upload speeds tend to be faster for those portable routers which can facilitate a fast connection. Ultimately, they reduce reliance on external Wi-Fi systems, which can be slow, faulty and unpredictable at times.

Where Can They Be Found?

There are now many portable routers on the market, many of which are made/sold by the major mobile service providers. As such, they can be bought online or in relevant high street shops which stock them.

It is worth noting that some portable routers may be locked into the network of a specific mobile provider, but there are also plenty of unlocked routers available which can be used in conjunction with any SIM card.

Portable Wi-Fi routers are undoubtedly the next step for those looking for flexibility in their internet access. As such, it is well worth shopping around to find the most cost effective options currently on the market.

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