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The Young Travelier: A travel blog with a difference

Planning a holiday just got a little easier with The Young Travelier, an all-encompassing travel blog that can help planners to choose the destination, the perfect hotel, a complete list of things to do while on the trip, along with the most appropriate travel gear. This unique experience has been created by Christian Young, a young entrepreneur from Los Angeles,.

In a career spanning 15 years, Christian has traveled extensively to over 50 countries across 6 continents, for both work and pleasure. Having worked as an attorney, a comes chef, an e-commerce entrepreneur and a venture capitalist, his work took him regularly around the globe. To add to it, his love for travel, food, and company made him travel to exotic holiday locations. So, it was only a natural progression for a globetrotter like him to share his experience with the world, in the hope that it would help others make their travel experience more enriching.                               

Like all avid travel enthusiasts, Christian too wanted to document memories of his travel in photographs. With a penchant for photography and cinematography, Christian captured his experience in both still and video modes and started sharing them over social media.  His unique eye from an experienced traveler’s point of view has landed him cinematography work with clients such as the Ritz-Carlton, W hotels, and over a dozen other properties and travel agencies from around the world.

Being an influencer and start-up expert, Christian soon thought of making his travel experiences a more meaningful medium. His travel blog – The Young Travelier, is an experience in itself. With breath-taking pictures, videos, and inspiring quotes all over the page, the blog transports viewers on a virtual vacation.

The blog has sections that cover the latest hotel reviews, location guides – ranging from ‘what to do’ to ‘what to eat’ to ‘where to eat’, and latest travel gear reviews that covers important things like information on credit cards, most convenient travel baggage, and must-haves for different holiday locations. The blog also offers free travel vouchers for subscribing.

An avid learner, Christian has traveled the world not just physically but also through the number of options he chose through his 15-year-old career. It is his belief that by traveling to new cultures and places, humans gather experiences that increase personal knowledge that shapes their personalities.

The blog is his attempt at ensuring that travel planners get the most updated and meaningful information before they embark on a holiday that they would arrange using their hard-earned money. After all, each trip is a bundle of happy memories to cherish for the rest of the life.

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