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THEME : Over the edge


SYNOPSIS :Failing to respond to common antidepressants, Billy Costello, a schizophrenic, is administered with the last line of treatment of depression, which renders him a drug addict. Things take a turn when he accidentally meets Emily, a flight attendant who intends to detach him from his addiction as she thinks of a possible link she had with him in the past.

Schizophrenia :Schizophrenia is a chronic brain disorder that affects about one percent of the population. When schizophrenia is active, symptoms can include delusions, hallucinations, trouble with thinking and concentration, and lack of motivation.




Characters :

  1. Billy Costello – Day trader/ stock broker
  2. Anna
  3. Emily – flight attendant
  4. Elizabeth – Emily’s mother
  5. Katherine – flight attendant ( Emily’s colleague )
  6. Gordon Parker – the Psychiatrist
  7. Andrew – Billy’s colleague at the Wall Street
  8. Brad – Drug Peddler

SCENE 1, starts this way :

It’s a busy evening before dusk in New York city. Central park in Manhattan is witnessing all the usual activities which it commonly does on any evening. A girl in her late teens, walking in front of Billy turns around facing him and continues to move forward in reverse holding a couple of books to her chest with both hands.

Girl : I really can’t make it this weekend. Cousins dropping in at my place tonight from Florida. Mum’s gonna get annoyed with me if I’d step out of home for an entire day when they’re around

Billy : I’m not forcing you. Just asking you to give it a try.Cuz these guys were pretty positive about the plan when discussing today and…  (girl interrupts Billy)

Girl : …And as usual, each one’s gonna ditch one by one.. (giggles)

Billy : what if they don’t this time ?

Girl :then I’ll be the first person to step into the party. Even before you do…

Billy : You!!

Billy runs towards her trying to catch her as she runs away laughing. (her laugh is echoed in Billy’s ears)

Billy wakes up at this point. He looks around to find himself in his bedroom. He was hallucinating the entire scene in his sleep. Its 4 in the morning. He walks towards the kitchen, gets himself a glass of water, heads towards his cupboard, opens it and takes the pill jar with “Paroxetine” written on it. Swallows a pill, and sleeps on the couch in the living room.

 As Billy tries to get sleep again, he only opens his eyes to see the clock strike 9:15. He is late for work already but the last night’s delusion has left him in a state of panic and misery and he is clueless what to be done next. Rings his colleague’s desk at the Wall street.

Voice (from the other end) :  hi this is Andrew, I’m not available currently. Please leave a message after the tone

Billy : hey Andy, it’s me Billy. Might catch up with an appointment with the doctor, so I doubt I’ll be able to make it to work today. Get some clients in my name, if plausible. I’ll try and get you good deals when I return tomorrow

Billy cuts the call. Calls up the reception at Dr. Gordon Parker’s clinic and fixes an appointment at  11am.


At the clinic, as Billy looks around in despair, the receptionist turns up in front of Billy.

Receptionist : Billy Costello?

Billy : yes

Receptionist : Dr. Parker will see you now sir. This way please.

Billy is lead to the doctor’s cabin. The doctor, looking at Billy’s condition who is not able to make eye contact shows a sign of sympathy towards him. After a while, the silence between the two is broken by Dr. Parker

Dr. parker :for the first time in my career as a psychologist , I’m humiliatedfor being speechless after looking at my patient’s state

Billy (continues to be still for a while, after which)(low voice) :I don’t know,  I’m terribly sorry for rendering you in such a situation

Dr. parker (sighs and gets up from his seat)( in a high voice) : you are aware of your incurable disorder, you are familiar with the symptoms of it. Knowing all of this,what drives you to be depressed ?

Billy : I guess you didn’t realize what you just said, doctor

Doctor who’d be removing Billy’s medical report from the cupboard pauses and stares at Billy for a while hearing to what he said. He gets his report and returns to his seat.

Dr. parker (while opening the report) :psychology says, the mind is the master of the body. Being trapped in a life situation that is robbing your peace of mind, lasting happiness comes only by mastering your mind

Billy says nothing as he observes the doctor turning the pages of his report.

Dr. Parker :clozapine for the disorder and paroxetine for depression is what I have prescribed last if I’m correct.

Billy : yes, sir

Dr. Parker : well, let me get this clear to you Billy. There is no medication that can eliminate schizophrenia completely. Antipsychotics only reduce the psychotic symptoms of delusions or hallucination. So, in regard of your disorder, I’m afraid I don’t have an option of going any higher with respect to the medication…

Billy is torn apart by the doctor’s words

Dr. Parker : …But, I’m all willing to risk in administering MAOI

Billy : MAOI?

Dr. Parker :Monoamine oxidase inhibitor, generally imposed in a rare case as yours when all the other antidepressants have failed to take action.

Billy : but, why is there a factor of risk in administering this?

Dr. Parker : well, let me remind you that they form the last line of treatment of depression. How can you not expect that they’ll be effective without imposing any risk? The risk can be minimized under controlled circumstances and strictly adhering to my dietary recommendations

Billy : what type of risk are we talking about here ?

Dr.Parker :not much to worry about. A slight increase in blood pressure, which can be brought under control. Another point is it cannot be discontinued abruptly. Withdrawal can last from a few weeks to months by gradual reduction in dosage.

Billy :could I ask, how many cases you’ve implemented this so far?.. just for my information

Dr. parker : I don’t recall the exact figure, maybe around a hundred odd cases. With a 99% rate of positive result.Answer to your next question.

Billy :I’m ready for it doctor

As Billy fixes an appointment with the doctor for a fresh date, he exits the clinic.


With trance being played in the background,Billy and Brad are lying on the bean bag tripping over cocaine and Marijuana in Billy’s apartment.

Brad (as he tries to move Billy with his hand) : hey! Hey Billy..hey!! Are you passed out or what? Hey Billy..speak up

Billy (trying hard to open his eyes) :Mmmm..

Brad :why do you pass the fuck out always?

Billy(in a low tone) : I haven’t , I’m listening

Brad : you’ve been sniffing from 4 fucking months and still haven’t built tolerance, you fucking prick

Billy : shut the fuck up

Brad(as he throws a bolster lying beside him  hardly at Billy) : ohh.. fuck you

Billy doesn’t respond and continues to lie still.   Brad starts filling the weed nuggets into the weed crusher. Closes the cap and starts grinding it as he moves his head over the playing trance. Spreads the crushed weed on a paper and rolls a blunt. Lights it and smokes a couple of puffs before seeing a smile on Billy’s face as he tries to reach his hand out to him indicating to pass the blunt. 

Brad(laughing on seeing Billy’s reaction) : Haven’t been able to build a fucking tolerance, but still hunger for more. Fucking cunt

Brad passes the blunt over to Billy. Billy giggles over Brad’s words and starts smoking up.

Brad : you are a fucking drug addict

Billy (laughs aloud) :from the time I’ve been dealing from you… (laughs again)

Brad : is that a fact?

Billy :no, a joke

Brad : a fucking joke? It sounded more like a fact

Billy : no, you’re fucking high (laughs) it was a joke

Brad :ohhh.. shut the fuck up and rotate the fucking blunt

Billy smokes another puff and passes it on to Brad.

Billy :its been more than 8 months since I am using drugs on a daily basis. Except for when I got checked into rehab for a couple of weeks, coming out of which I started dealing them from you. (pauses) Starting from 4 months back..yeah

Brad : why did you check into rehab for only a couple of weeks? They usually last from at least a month to 90 days

Billy :just 3 months into drugs had rendered an addiction level in me up to that extent that I wasn’t able to survive without them in the rehabilitation center. So I was forced to leave

Brad :are you fucking kidding me? checking into rehab from just 3 months into drugs is agreeable up to a certain extent, even though its rare as addicts join rehab after a prolonged addiction to drugs for at least an year or two, but… (Billy interrupts)

Billy : how did I get addicted so much and so quick that I reached the point of joining a rehab..?

Brad (giving an astonished look at Billy, with an increasing level of curiosity) : yeah..

Brad passes the blunt to Billy. He takes it and stares at it for a while.

Billy :Is this gonna be alright doctor? Because I see you using a complete set-up sort of a thing in making me consume it

Dr. Parker : well, this is how we administer it. Not to worry, it’ll be okay

Dr. Parker knows that Billy is thinking of going through considerably a serious and immense level of medication, being able to read one’s mind as a psychiatrist. But he keeps Billy and his surrounding atmosphere cool and cooler when he realizes Billy sweating bullets. He ties an inflatable cuff to Billy’s hand and notes down his blood pressure. He is a not a person who is willing to take risks by profession,so he brings down the pressure to normal as the noting wouldn’t be convincing enough to administer directly.

As Billy stands up after he is administered, he feels dizzy and complains about it to the doctor.

Dr. Parker : Please grab yourself a seat Billy.

Billy sits in front of the doctor. As Dr. parker offers him a glass of water, Billy can’t wait to take a sip. As he takes the first sip, he gulps it down all at once and exhales hard.

Dr. Parker :drowsiness, dry mouth are all symptoms of this medication.I am now going to issue a card to you which you must carry with you all the time. Its called MAOI card.

Billy : what do I do with it doctor?

Dr. Parker : it’s a small card which lists on the strict dietary consumption. You have to carry it with you all the time.

As the doctor advises Billy of the strict dietary conditions and schedules his treatment for the upcoming days, he leaves the clinic putting the card in his wallet.


Dr. Parker : this day marked an end to the 3 weeks observatory period from day 1 of administering it , on the action of this medication on you.

Billy : I’m finding it hard to sleep during the nights doctor

Dr. Parker : good! An added clear indication that MAOI is working on you with all the other positive results that I’ve been observing from the past 3 weeks

There is a smile on Billy’s face on hearing the doctor’s words.

Billy : what is the course of this medication?

Dr. parker : 6 months, at least after symptoms ease. And then in the end, the dosage shall be gradually reduced over about 4 weeks before we finally stop it.

Billy : sounds great. (with his expressions filled with joy)

For the next 6 months, Billy is administered with MAOI in schedules fixed by the doctor. Except for the usual symptoms of the medication including with hallucinations for the disorder, things were all under control. 4 weeks prior to the end of the medication, the doctor gradually started to reduce the dosage as told. But Billy didn’t respond positively to it. Instead, he started developing withdrawal symptoms craving for the medicine.

3 weeks into reduced dosage of the medication, wherein Billy had already developed withdrawal symptoms, the doctor was forced to restart the medicine by giving the usual dosage and tried to reduce it even more slowly. This didn’t work either. Billy continued to complain about the hallucinations which occurred more often. A frustrated Dr. Parker was fed up by this time in convincing Billy that the symptoms he is complaining of were that of the disorder  Schizophrenia and not that of depression.

An abrupt stop to the dosage of MAOI on Billy worsened his condition like never before. To tackle the withdrawal problem from MAOI and to resist himself from continued dosage of the same, Billy introduced himself to various other illegal drugs. In a matter of days, he got so addicted to drugs that he started smoking marijuana, one blunt an hour and sniffed cocaine at least 6 times a day. As he started building tolerance for marijuana and cocaine, his body started demanding drugs with a higher trip which got him to the point of consuming Methamphetamine.

(Billy was telling Brad the reason behind his drug addiction by recalling events in the past) 

The blunt is lit off. Billy lights it again. Brad looks stunned.

Billy : after which, I got checked in at rehab

Brad : holy Christ! Never could have imagined are a fucking Schizo?

Billy : that’s what I was diagnosed with

Brad : man! Never had met a drug addict with a disorder

Billy (looking depressed) : you gave me a fucking bad trip

Brad :I am out of words. I’m sorry for what’s happened

Brad can’t sit for another moment.

Brad : I got another deal to make buddy. I’ll make a move.

As Brad heads towards the door,

Billy : how much do I owe you?

Brad :its alright. We’ll settle it next time.

Billy smokes up the remaining blunt as he lies restless on the bean bag. He rings Andy asking him to drop by at his place. Andy arrives at Billy’s apartment. Billy speaks nothing as Andy stares at him for a while.

Andy : it’s a pity to see you in this condition, I never could have expected this

Billy : I am fucked up Andy.

Andy : that’s clearly visible. What’s awaited in respect to your state is what worries me next

Billy : I’m clueless what to be done next

There is a moment of silence between the two.

Billy :so how is wall street and everything ? heard Mike made a huge commission out of blue chip stocks raising the bar to half a million

Andy :yeah.. he got lucky with that. There are a lot of other important things that you should be concerned with than what’s happening at wall street

Billy says nothing

Andy : change your surroundings. Take a break from the metropolitan life. Get your ass out of big apple. Earn commission out of day trading

Billy :day trading ? you think itsgonna work ?

Andy :  it might. Just give it a try. Every stock broker at wall street has the privilege of day trading for a period of one month every year, you gotta utilize it now or never

Billy : where do I operate from ?

Andy : day trading is such that you can function from any nook and corner of the world

Billy : I realize that, but where exactly do I go?

Andy : well, to be frank its your choice to pick any destination

Billy :cant afford to survive for a month in a destination from my current financial condition. I’m literally broke

Andy :from the goal of incurring a profit of 17 per cent from my side via commission to wall street, I had received an offer of accommodation at a resort in the Panama city last year which apparently is still untouched. I extend this offer to you, you can avail it

Billy : but you have earned the offer. How can I…. (Billy is interrupted)

Andy :I don’t want to hear anything. You are taking the next flight to Panama city


The next day, Billy bids a goodbye to his colleague and checks into an early morning American airlines flight from New york to Panama city. While waiting in the passenger lounge, as his eyes catch a plane taxiing to the runway in the dawn of the city, he hopes that his life will turn out just fine. As the door of the passenger boarding bridge is opened, he boards the plane along with the other passengers. As the plane is all set for pushback, the pilot requests for the same by signaling the ground crew. After taxiing till the end of the runway, it waits for clearance. Once the latter is granted by the ATC, in a couple of minutes the flight sees itself lifting off into the sunrise.

After reaching cruising altitude, when the seat belt sign goes off, the flight attendants, one of whom is Emily prepare themselves to serve the passengers. While pouring hot water from the electric kettle into the cup, Emily’s eyes catch the column in the passenger list paper attached on the ceramic wall of the aircraft cabin which reads “Seat No. 45F – Billy Costello”. She stares at it until her receptors signal her to remove her leg from contacting the hot water overflown from the cup. She then realizes her activity and gets a break from it. Her goosebumps drag her back making her collide with the wall behind her. She is overjoyed and feels a sense of satisfaction as if she has never felt something like that before. She is eager and can’t wait to see him but is equally nervous. She peeps over to the economy class cabin hiding herself behind the wall, trying to get a glimpse of Billy. As a senior air hostess being with the flight company for more than 2 and a half years, she knows exactly the numbering of the seats and is confident about the surety when she overlooks 45F.

She barely sees him, before which she pulls back hiding her emotions and herself behind the wall. She is confounded about the way to approach him and speak to him, for which the excitement in her has formed the root cause. just as she starts thinking of a different and civilized way in approaching Billy, she is noted by her colleague

Katherine : Emily! What are you doing, what’s goin on? Why is there water spilt on the floor?

Emily : Kate I need you to come here and have a look at this 

Kate(out of anxiety) : have a look at what? Is everything okay?

Emily shows Kate the name, “Billy Costello” on the passenger list sheet. Kate spells his name.

Kate : Billy Costello? Yeah, what about him ?you noticed anything suspicious about him? wegotta inform the captain. Common Emily hurry (as she grabs her hand and heads towards the aisle)

Emily (laughs): stop!! There’s nothing as you think. He is the one I was telling you about all these years. Don’t you recall? Billy Costello ?

Kate (after staring at Emily for a while) :ohh! Billy Costello..yeahh now I do yeah.. are you fucking kidding me ? is that really him??

Emily : no I kid you not. It is him!! oh my god, what do I do now? I am thoughtless

Kate : you’ve finally found him! I can’t tell how excited I am

Emily (giving a vexed look at Kate) :Kate, you carry on with your duty. I’ll figure out what I can do about it.

As Emily prepares the airline meal trolley to serve the passengers, she slowly steps into the aisle leading to the economy class cabin with the trolley. As she goes on giving out eateries and drinks as per the passengers requirements, she arrives at the row containing the seat 45F sooner than she expected. As Billy, who has occupied the seat right next to the aisle, starts looking at her waiting for her to serve something, she is left dumbstruck. As soon as she realizes that its high time into the pause that she gave, she removes a glass from the highest deck of the trolley after which…

Emily(in a low voice) : wha.. what can I serve you this fine morning sir?

Billy : what do we have on the menu ?

As Emily goes on listing the items on the menu, Billy interrupts

Billy : I think, just water should be fine for now

When Emily is handing over the glass of water to Billy, the trembling nature of her hand results in the glass slipping from it and falling down on to the floor, with the water covering most of the surface area of Billy’s trousers. The already existing agitation overshoots to the peak at the end of the catastrophe with the co-passengers on-looking the situation.

Emily (as she tries to wipe off the water with a tissue paper) : I’m extremely sorry for the inconvenience sir

Billy : that’s alright, I’m fine. I’m glad I asked only for a glass of water.

Emily : just one moment sir, I’ll get a hand towel

As Emily hurries towards the front of the economy class cabin in order to fetch a hand towel, Billy wakes up from his seat and follows her. Emily offers him with the hand towel as well as a glass of water.

Billy :thank you

Emily : I apologize for the unease that I’ve caused sir.. I don’t know how the glass just slipped from my hand and..

Billy (as he extends his hand) : call me Billy

Emily is delighted by Billy’s move but controls her emotions. She thinks not to reveal the fact that she is already aware of him, instead chooses to wait until Billy himself recognizes her. Deep inside she believes that he will, by gradually getting close to her, so she introduces herself as if Billy were a stranger.

Emily (as she shakes hand with Billy) : Emily

Billy : first day at work? i see you look tensed

Emily(laughs) : no! I’ve been with the company for nearly 3 years now..and things go wrong sometimes. Has it never happened with you?

Billy : happens every single time

After a moment of silence,

Emily : what takes you to Panama ?

Billy doesn’t want to disclose he is a schizophrenic as he thinks its embarrassing to do so

Billy : I’m on a business trip for a month. Day trading to be more specific.Lets see how it goes (laughs)

Emily : that’s really impressive. So you are living innyc?

Billy : Greenwich. But yeah, I do work at the wall street. I’m a stock broker. Where do you reside ?

Emily :my family relocated to Panama 3 years back, so been living there since then.

Billy : and before that?

Emily : new york!

As the conversation between the two continues, Billy is stopped by Emily and made to return to his seat and buckle up, after hearing the announcement from the cockpit for landing at Panama city. After landing at Panama, the two say their goodbyes mutually agreeing to meet up soon as Billy’s schedule for the month is fixed in the same city.


Emily’s plan of not admitting the fact that she knew him works well, as they both progressively  get near to each other in a matter of weeks, but at the same time, she realizes that he is no closer in identifying her from having confronted her anytime before. She waits for a couple of more days hoping to hear from Billy, what she is expecting but it proves to be worthless. As she thinks of revealing the fact herself to Billy, she restricts herself from doing so after giving a second thought over to it as she worries of losing him again. Just as she feels homely about the way things are heading, she notices something unusual about Billy in regard to his appearance and his speech which makes her feel suspicious about him. Her suspicion on him turns out to be right when she discovers a packet of cocaine in his cupboard. She lifts it and holds it to his face.

Emily (in a displeased tone) : what is this ?

Billy becomes still not responding to her question, knowing that he is guilty. As Emily waits for Billy to answer, she visualizes an event which she thinks had happened in the past. The event being :

Emily (holding a packet of marijuana, removed from Billy’s bag) : what is this?

Billy : where’d you find that ?

Emily : in your bag, which I never expected to find something of this sort from the place where I found it

Billy is rendered speechless

Emily : you are doing drugs?

Billy : no..

Emily : don’t lie to me. why would you keep this then?

Billy : it isn’t mine. I gotta give it to somebody else tomorrow

Emily :ohh.. so you are a pusher ?

Billy : no, no .. you’ve got me wrong. There is nothing as you think

Emily : you neither do drugs, nor you are a pusher. Then what is a zip-lock cover filled with marijuana buds doing in your bag?

Billy : I’m sorry. I’ll return it back tomorrow

Emily : if I catch you one more time with anything illegal, I’m warning you, you don’t want to face the circumstances Billy. Get rid of this

Billy (as he goes behind her asking for apology) : I’m sorry, listen to me..

(Emily visualized an event which she thinks had happened in the past)

Billy : what can I say ? I am a drug addict

As Billy reveals his past telling about the failure of the medication for depression implemented on him and the thoughts that occur in his head as incidents connected with a girl, although he doesn’t want to term them directly as hallucinations not wanting to disclose that he is schizophrenic, Emily grabs this as an opportunity to terminate his drug addiction and also to make him recollect the past completely that she shared with him 3 years back.


Without any further delay, she takes him to a tribal region in the amazon basin. There, he is made to consume Ayahuasca,  an entheogenic brew locally popular in the region used as a traditional spiritual medicine for ritual and healing purposes along with a powerful psychedelic drug, Dimethyltryptamine producing dynamic hallucinations by a local expert even after repeatedly rejecting to ingest them. As Emily’s instincts tell her that he is going to return finding for her once he is healed, she doesn’t wait for him to become conscious and starts heading back to Panama.

3 hours after ingesting them, Billy gradually shifts to the conscious state from the sub-conscious state of mind. He is stunned to believe what he visualized during the course of action of the mixture that he consumed but he is forced to as he knows that it is the bitter truth. He heads straight to New york to find her. After getting the whereabouts of her from his undergrad college, he arrives at her house to only learn that she has moved into a different home. When he rushes to that address, on arriving which he rings the doorbell at the same rate as his thumping heart, to see the door open with Anna holding her one year old baby.

Anna : Billy

Billy : Anna

Anna (in tears) : oh my god!! Billy

Billy approaches her in an attempt to hug her, but she steps back.

Billy : why didn’t you try contacting me ?

Anna ( as she invites Billy inside, she recalls what had happened 3 years back ) : 4 days after graduation, when we were on our way back home after ending Brian’s late night graduation party, a drunk driver in a speeding car collided onto you while we were walking on the sidewalk. The force was so great that you were thrown nearly quarter a mile before your head smashed onto the pavement. The impact was hard enough to cause a considerable damage to the frontal region of your brain. The doctors declared a case of Retrograde amnesia and gave no positive hopes when asked about the regaining of your memory. Even if it did, it’ll only be partial after a very long time. When I approached you, you weren’t able to recognize me. I was hurt, I cried a lot but I was consoled to accept the reality. I’m sorry Billy, I hope that you forgive me.

Billy wakes up and sits next to her trying to console her as she’d be shedding tears again

Billy :its okay, none of it is your fault. I only feel sad for being wrongly diagnosed with schizophrenia

Anna :  schizophrenia ?

Billy : yeah.. it’s a long story. Well, I can’t blame Dr. Gordon either for that, as the loss of memory that I had, for which I couldn’t tell him much about the past, and just kept complaining of the hallucinations or incidents rather(laughs) between me and you, which obviously made him conclude a case of schizophrenia. So there’s no fault on his part too

Anna : what are you talking about? I’m not getting you

Billy : will tell you in detail sometime later. Is this your kid ?

Anna : yeah, she’s Abigail

Billy : she’s so adorable. She has absolutely gone on you.

Anna : how did you regain your memory?

Billy (staring at Anna for a while) : I gotta go..

Anna : Billy! 

Billy(as he hurries out of her home) : I’ll catch you later

Billy catches a cab and rushes to the airport. As he learns that there is a flight to Panama in an hour, he books the last remaining seat in a fully packed flight. He is impatient and cant wait to see Emily. As he arrives in Panama, he heads straight to Emily’s home as she would have invited him while he was staying in Panama.

Billy : where is Emily ?

Elizabeth(Emily’s mom) : she said she’d be going to the beach, but what’s the matter?

Billy : nothing important, just to meet her

As Billy starts exiting the house, he is stopped by Elizabeth

Elizabeth : wait! I need to tell you something

Billy : what is it ?

Elizabeth (after a moment of hesitation ) : Emily is Schizophrenic

Billy (giving a shocked reaction) : what!? Are you kidding me ?

Elizabeth : 3 years back, she was detected with schizophrenia. As the doctors said that it wasn’t severe we chose to not letting her know of her disorder. She keeps stressing the fact that you and your name is familiar to her. At any cost, don’t let her know of her disorder which me and her father have maintained it as a secret

Billy (in a low voice ) : yeah.. yeah of course. Don’t you worry. I promise I won’t reveal it to her

Billy leaves her home and reaches the beach located down the lane. He is overwhelmed to see Emily resting on the sand with the waves rinsing her feet every time it hits the shore. He goes and sits next to her. The scene ends with them viewing the sunset after Emily whispering the words in Billy’s ears, “I knew you would come back to me”

By: Vivek Vasisht

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