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Things Disappearing from the Classrooms of Top Schools

When  everything  around  us  is  changing,  it  is  justified  to  expect  our  education  system  and  school classrooms will also require to change. A few years ago, the definition of education was associated with a closed classroom of brick and mortar, teachers in front of blackboards and chalks and books. However, as we are progressing and becoming a part of the global world which is consuming technology on a huge scale, the face of education is also evolving. With these changes, there are a number of things which will vanish from our classrooms.

  1. Lesson delivery: Teachers standing in front of a class, to deliver a lesson expecting all students will be grasping the same thing with the same intellect, will diminish rapidly. The understanding and grasping power of each student differs and top schools are going to address this with the help of tools and technologies to impart personalised learning based on every student’s learning capacity.
  2. Traditional  time-tables:  The  traditional  time  tables  which  used  to  be  all  about  subject  or textbook curriculum teaching is also going to evolve. In the modern era, we need students to develop beyond textbook knowledge. Hence, schools are going to provide a window for classes where students express themselves and learn more about themselves and the world around them in various ways and timetables. These could be in open and flexible classes and timings, where students pursue their area of interest.
  3. Mode of assessments and examinations: With technology creeping into the education industry,

Changes in the way of conducting and assessing tests will also occur. Teachers can now employ artificial intelligence in order to prepare and assess assignments. This will save teachers valuable time  to  focus  more  on  providing  personalised  feedback  and  monitoring  students  progress better.

  1. Traditional textbooks: The concept of school bags is also going to transform with time. There has always been a debate around the burden of school bags and their weights on children’s physical development. However, as we are incorporating technology in our education system, the  concept  of  physical  textbooks  and  notebooks  will  be  replaced  with  e-books  or  web resources easily accessible via mobile devices.
  2. Encouraging concept-based learning: Almost all top schools are realising that education is no

More about rote learning and mugging up information. They are understanding how important it is to make students understand the concepts rather than feeding them with information and facts. Consequently, the future education system is going to be immensely based on conceptual learning.

  1. Traditional libraries: Libraries that used to be all books and tables and huge dusty book shelves are going to become obsolete. The modern library will become a place where both students and teachers can come and relax, read while accessing gadgets and devices, edit videos, print in 3D and also become a place of discussion between students and teachers.

Schools  banning gadgets and  wifi:  We  all have  studied  in  schools which  have  been kept  isolated of internet, mobile phones and gadgets. However, the future schools are not going to follow the same age- old rules. The students will no longer be reprimanded for carrying mobile phones to schools. Students will be taught academic honesty and internet safety and responsibility and will be invited to also create content online.

By; Harshita Mann, Director, Lancers International School

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