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Things to do at IMAGICA



As the vacation season sets in, Imagica is all set to make this season memorable for the kids. This popular family holiday destination offers some delightful and on-the-edge-of-the-seat moments through a host of enjoyable rides and simulated environments. Here are our picks:                                                                       

Cinema 360 – Prince of the Dark Waters:

What about taking a virtual dive, deep into the ocean and discover an unexplored marine world? The 360 Dome film on 3100 square feet gigantic screen is sure to bring one closer to that enchanting world.

I for India:

How about sailing like a bird in the air and watching how the beauty of India’s vast landscape unfolds? A spectacular film (shot from a helicopter) on a 90-feet wide screen offers that mesmerising bird’s eye views of the country’s rich landscape and monuments.

Mr. India:

Thanks to immersive motion simulation technology, the Bollywood blockbuster Mr. India has been recreated with all the unforgettable characters including the one and only Mogambo. As Mr. India embarks upon a mission to fight a new evil, kids become a part of that adventure with fair share of bump, dip, push and shove.

Wrath of the God:

The seamless mix of live theatre, special effects and multimedia presents a simulated setting in an old temple which has been unearthed by an archaeologist. The visitors are greeted with the wrath of some unseen forces which will add to the thrills.


As the temperature soars in the Maximum City, the Mumbaikars are looking for escape routes from the scorching summer heat. Imagica, the family holiday destination, offers the much-needed cool splash of water with thrills. Here are some options:

The Pirate Bay:

It’s a body and inner-tube slides with gentle speed and slopes into shallower pools. Mini slides, water toys and playful characters add up to the wonder for the little ones.

Twisty Turvy

It’s an exciting gravity-defying coaster with hair-raising drops and breath-taking curves. It blasts riders uphill on water jets, launching them into the ‘Super Bowl’ with centrifugal forces keeping them high on the wall for several turns, and ending through an enclosed flume into a splashdown pool.

Zip Zap Zoom:

A thrilling high-speed mat racer that sends you through enclosed looping aqua tubes that serpentine alongside each other, transitioning into the traditional side-by-side multi-lane design.


At a time when Mumbai is reeling under heat, Imagica offers summer chillers with the Snow Park just hours away from the city . Spread across 15,000 square feet, Imagica Snow Park offers 100% pure and real snow and that ultimate freezing sensation at -5℃. Here are three key attractions:

Real Snowfall:

With the world continues battling the heat outside, one can enjoy the kiss of the snowflakes with family and loved ones. Pure bliss!

Snow Mountain Climbing:

It’s an extraordinary experience of mountain climbing on snow. You’ll feel like you are on a mountaineering expedition. Thanks to near-perfect simulation, when you see the entire snow village from the top of the mountain, you can trade anything for such an out-of-the-world experience.

Snow Slides:

You can experience the thrill of sliding down the snow slides on mats in the unique ride.

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