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Things to Do On Your Honeymoon in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, which we remember is the city of Ravana, is an island or country located in the Indian Ocean. It is formerly known as the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is a country with endless sites and mysteries to discover if you look closely enough. This country is home to serene beaches, endless walks, lush green forests and a box full of cultural and ancient history.

If you are looking for a romantic get away to spice up your love life, Sri Lanka is the place for your visit, that too in your budget.

This beautiful country is not only famous for its spices and ancient history, but also for the it’s abundance of romantic and alluring places to visit.

As newlyweds, you might want peace and some lone time to spend together, or you might be interested in exploring adventures together. Be it anything, Sri Lanka will not disappoint you.

Let us see what all this country offers to add to the love of newlyweds, and what all you can do in this country to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Honeymoon Places In Sri Lanka

  1. Bentota

Located on the coastal belts of Sri Lanka, Bentota is a resort town which mesmerizes you with its unending beaches and trails of coconut trees till where the eyes can see.

Bentota attracts visitors from far and near because of its remarkable beauty and charm.

Bentota town has one of the best beaches of Sri Lanka, The Bentota beach. This beach is the delight of the town and gives a sense of relaxation and calm to the visitors.

You can have long strolls with your partner, watch sunsets or go for some water sport adventure like wind surfing, parasailing, water skiing, etc, to develop a bond with your partner.

Bentota is also famous for its night life and clubs. If you wish to end your day at a mellow tone, you can go enjoy the light music and fairy lights at clubs on the beach.

  1. Mirissa

The small town of Mirissa situated at the south coast of Sri Lanka is a famous tourist destination for its alluring beaches and hyped night life.

One of the most interesting places in this town is a secret. No seriously! It’s the Secret beach of Mirissa. This pretty beach is a small beach hidden between the lush green forests. There is just one bar and a local woman selling coconuts. This tiny beach is the perfect place to escape from the hustle of life and spend some quality time with your loved one.

  1. Arugam Bay

Located near the capital city of Colombo, Arugam Bay is the perfect spot for couples in love with surfing. This beautiful beach town is the home to huge waves and surfing sport at the Main Point and Whiskey Point. The hype for surfing at the beaches of Arugam Beaches has fetched it the name of Surfer’s Paradise.

  1. Ella

Ella, a town located in the Uva province of Sri Lanka is the pride of the country as it showcases natural beauty as well as the exquisite colonial era construction.

This small town is famous for the nine arches railway bridge, which is an exemplary colonial era construction.

The place is best suited for the couples looking for an adventurous trek to the track.

Ella attracts visitors not only because of its historic construction, but also for its breath taking tea plantations and dense forests.

Visiting this place, covered with clouds and greenery, couples would definitely attain a different level of pleasure and calm.

  1. Galle

The port city of Sri Lanka is synonymous to its colonial history and development, and is one of the most important cities of the country.

The Galle Fort is one of the major attractions of the city, with a name in UNESCO World Heritage sites.

A couple interested in the history and development of the country would surely enjoy the visit to this city.

For couples looking for a wildlife experience, Kanneliya rainforestis the best go to place, harboring various endemic flora and fauna species.

  1. Nilaveli

The seaside town of Nilaveli is located in the eastern side of Sri Lanka.

The town is famous for its crystal clear water beaches and unending trails of palm trees.

Nilaveli offers a variety of attractions to impress the ones who visit here. The town is famous for its Pigeon Island and vast coral reefs.

The sun shines at Nilaveli so good to make the sea waters lukewarm and the place look a little more brighter.

  1. Kandy

In the middle of the country lies the city of Kandy with historical as well religious relevance.

Kandy is the site of Temple of the sacred tooth relic, which is the preservation site of Lord Buddha’s tooth.

The city also has Royal palace of Kandy, audience hall and precisely carved pillars.

The city, no doubt, because of its iconic architecture and religious importance, has the privilege to be the UNESCO World heritage site.

  1. Anuradhapura

The city of Anuradhapura, established in 377 B.C., is known as the historical paradise of the country as it harbors several heritage sites and monuments including Bodhi tree, brazen palace, Rock temple, Jewel palace, monasteries and various brick Stupas or DagobaslikeMirisaveti, Ruwanveli, Abhayagiri, Jetavanarama, Thuparama, Lankarama and many more.

These historical monuments and Buddhist monasteries serve as a getaway towards peace and rejuvenation.

Couples on their honeymoon must add this spot to their travel list to get blessings and calm in Buddhist manner.

  1. Horton Plains National Park

As a couple, you might have promised to be together till the end of the world. The Horton Plains National park is where you can fulfill this promise by visiting the World’s end cliff.

Horton plains, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a national park harboring various endangered species of birds and animals.

This beautiful site is a treat to eyes as it is covered with cotton like clouds and bushy green forests.

This place serves as the meeting point of the main rivers of Sri Lanka-Mahaweli, Kelani, and Walawe.

  1. Yala National Park

Renowned as the largest national park of the country, Yala national park is a big tourist attraction.

This national park which was once a hunters’ arena, now is famous as the park with largest population of leopards.

The scenic beauty and diverse flora and fauna makes this place a must visit for all the wildlife enthusiasts.


Sri Lanka is a country that welcomes people with open arms and warm hearts. As newlyweds, going to Sri Lanka won’t be a disappointment because you will enjoy every bit of your stay.

The country showcases a rainbow of variety in food, culture, sites and histories.

The scenic beaches, luscious forests, prominent architecture and grand historical traces makes the country a must go to place to have a complete your Sri Lanka honeymoon trip.

Have something more than just a romantic honeymoon, have an embracing trip. Go for Sri Lanka.

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