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Things to keep in mind while washing baby/toddler’s clothes

While doing the laundry for baby’s and toddlers, we need o be a bit more cautious as any mal handling might affect the baby’s skin and health. Being extra cautious is supremely important here because a baby’s immune system is still evolving at that stage and hence they can easily catch infections and diseases from almost anywhere and anyone. Just washing their clothes in the washing machine or hand washing them are not sufficient, it needs extra care.

  1. Wash new clothes before you make then wear

Never doll up your baby with new clothes without giving them a wash. This is because these clothes are subjected to a variety od chemicals while being manufactured and even in the shops. Hence it is always advisable to follow this tip. Also, a wash will help the clothes become slightly softer and hence it would not cause any skin irritation also.

  1. Disinfect and clean your hands

While washing or drying the clothes, you must also disinfect your hands (may be with a sanitizer or something), as your hands might be carrying some harmful bacteria which might harm the baby if it gets transferred from the clothes to the baby.

  1. Sundry the clothes

If possible try to sundry the kids’ clothes as the direct sunlight will help get rid of all the dampness and make it cleaner and bacteria-free. Even if you dry them up in a dryer, keep it under the sun for 30-40 minutes later. It will help you keep any possible infections at bay.

  1. Rinse twice

Rinsing twice will help you get rid of any traces of detergent which might harm the baby’s skin. It is better to give a baby’s laundry little extra time as it is important to maintain a good hygiene.

  1. Use only gentle liquid detergents

Powder detergents are usually a bit more harsh than the liquid detergents. Alternatively, you might as well go for a baby shampoo for cleaning the clothes as they are very gentle too and would do no harm to the baby’s skin.

  1. Soak in disinfectant like Dettol just before the final rinse

This is a very important step as kids usually pee in their clothes, or toddlers are mostly on the ground playing. These things increases the chances of bacterial or fungal infection in the clothes. Hence rinsing them one in disinfectant like Dettol is very important before rinsing it with warm water finally.

Any harsh chemical transferred from clothes to baby can have deep impact on the baby’s health. If you witness any skin irritation or rashes on the baby’s skin, immediately consult your doctor. Remember to keep changing their small bed spread frequently as that might also have bacteria built up. Never opt for any quick fixes or short cuts while doing an infants laundry as they are way to sensitive and susceptible to infections and diseases. To it is always preferable to  be safe now than being sorry later.

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