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Things to Know About Custom Cables

Things to know about custom cables

Thinking about custom cables isn’t something that may cross your mind, just thinking about getting a cable or connector customized isn’t easy to be found as only certified people and companies may be able to do such jobs.

What types of cables can be customized?

Looking into the different types of cables that would be able to be customized, you would see the option of both copper and fiber customization cabling. As copper and and fiber are both types of cables that would be requested for depending on the situation that they are needed for.


For many years the use of copper cables were a primary media that many contractors and people would use to install into their housing and work environments. The are usually used as the can be inexpensive, fairly easy for people to install and has a low resistance to electrical currents, the many downfall in using copper cables would be the they are limited in their distance and signal interferences, the data that is are transferred are done through electrical pulses on the copper cable. 


Fiber cables and such products are in high demand to be used in today’s market. Fiber Optic cables are made up of very thin strands of glass or at time they can be plastic, the strands are known to be somewhat thinner than a strand of a human hair. Within the cable it can make up of different amount of strands, from as little as two to those that can hold more than a few hundred strands. The data gets transmitted through the core of the fiber as “light” and gets sent along the way, fiber is great for those that need data to reach those in greater distances.

Depending on the country it may be hard to find companies that are certified with specified brands such as Neutrik or even LEMO or Furukawa. These brands are some of the biggest and most well known on the market for their fiber facilities of cables and connectors.

Being certified by Neutrik which would mean that they can produce and even repair one of their most popular connector being the OpticalCON and still have the same standards as from the original factories. It would be the same thing for LEMO and Furukawa for the production and repair of SMPTE which is their most demanded fiber connector.

Step-By-Step Process on the customization

If you are trying to check what the whole process would be, through a step-by-step breakdown starting from the very beginning of sending an inquiry to the specialists all the way till the production of the cables would actually begin. This way it may help be a guide for those whom have no idea how the whole process may pan out.

  1. First of all, the whole process would begin by you submitting an inquiry to a company that would specialize in customizing cables, and that have any necessary certifications to produce such cables. Upon sending the inquiry, it would be best to mention that you are looking into customizing a cable, in which you would specify whether it may be a copper or fiber cable.

If you are unsure the company you have chosen is for you and can meet your requests, you can ask them how their design process is carried out and from there help you make a decision whether they would be a good fit for you to go forward with and send your inquiry of the product.

  1. Moving onto the company contacting you regarding your inquiry and submit a quotation to you, a infrequent process may take place as they may ask you about the specific specs that you may require, this is because they would need to take some time to fully understand and break down what your product requirements are, which from there the design phase may begin upon your approval.

If you have anything in mind on what it is exactly that you are looking for it would be best to run it by them so they can share some input. It is not always required to provide specs if you are unsure of what you are looking for.

  1. The next process would be for you to go through whatever the company has provided to you, from the design of the cabling and last minute adjustments that may be needed and such information, from there onwards all that would be needed is for you to confirm everything so that the production may begin.
  2. Lastly once the production has begun, they should inform you how long the process may take and once done they should contact you to either make the pick up or request for a delivery service depending on how many customized cables you’ve had made.

If you are searching for companies in your region or country that are specialized in creating customized cables, it would perhaps be best for you to request some of the certifications that they hold for the production of the fiber cables and connectors. From then onwards you may ask any necessary questions on the company, from how they perform their quality control testing and such questions that may come to mind.

In countries that are developing at a rapid rate, such as the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and neighbouring countries the demand and need for High quality custom cables has increased rapidly throughout the years, resulting in a very limited amount of companies being specialized in cable customization. As many companies are thriving and searching for those companies that would do an excellent job in executing the job leaving them with no problems to go back to.

Hopefully this short article would help you have a clearer and smoother process as well as a better understanding of what is needed to be done, through the easy to follow step-by-step list. If you don’t know what it is exactly that you are searching for, perhaps going through some cabling brands and see what it is they have to offer and decide from there.


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