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Things to remember when opting for Panchakarma Treatment

Panchakarma is a rare yet incredible journey providing you an opportunity to dive deeper into your subconscious. The treatment helps you switch off the noise in the mind while disarming the nervous system towards a relaxing journey. It also facilitates a deeper entry of the herbal treatment into the body catering maximum benefit. Essentially, Panchakarma lists itself as a transforming experience. The rewards of this treatment include renewed healing sensations, spirit rejuvenation, and powerful energy exchange in the body.

However, there are various things and self-discipline factorials that you need to adhere to when opting for a Panchakarma treatment.


Panchakarma is basically the in-depth healing process of your body. You cannot heal unless you allow yourself a chance to rest. Doing this allows your body to channel the energy towards healing rather than losing a chunk of it doing other daily tasks. So when opting for Panchakarma, make sure you have a few days free on your calendar. Try to avoid any strenuous exercise, late nights, sexual activity, loud music, social media, television, or any other stimulating activities.


The only physical exercise advised by Panchakarma practitioners include gentle yoga based stretches. This will allow your body to be flexible yet avoid any muscle injury from strenuous exercises. Panchakarma is trying to let your body be in the state of stasis. While you cannot completely remove physical activities from your routine, it is mostly advised to refrain from draining tasks while letting the body detox for the week.

3-Avoid Direct Wind/Sunlight:

Panchakarma rejuvenates your body and mind. This means you are similar to a new born baby that is fragile for the moment. So, make sure you keep your body temperature warm or at least at the normal temperature while keeping it away from extreme weather conditions such as excessive sunlight, harsh winds, cold temperature, etc.

4-Eat Less:

Your diet makes up for a major factor that decides whether or not you get the full blown benefit of Panchakarma treatment. The diet you opt for needs to be free from any chemical preservatives or unhealthy fat. Make sure you eat a quantity that is less than what you usually go for. The best option is to go for Khichari, a type of traditional Indian food item that is a mix of rice, lentils, and veggies. You can also add some steamed vegetables to your diet with a bit of fat-based food that is of high-quality. This includes nuts, dry fruits, avocado, chia seeds, etc.

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