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Things you need to know before you dye your hairs

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Hair coloring is so much in trend but choosing the perfect color can be so difficult. If in case something goes south you need to literally wear the embarrassment on the top of your head. For all the hair-dyeing virgins out there we have curated a list of all the essential things that you need to take care of.

  1. Book a consultation appointment first: Before you jump into just dyeing your hair it is very important that you conveyed your point of interest to your hairstylist. If you aren’t able to decide as to how you want to dye your hair, you can look up to Instagram feeds and check Pinterest to get some ideas about the same. Also, you should inform your hair colorist about how often you will be able to go for the touch-up routines. It is very important for your stylist and you to be in the same page before you dye your hair.
  2. Apply hair mask the day prior to your dyeing appointment: This procedure is really important as applying a hair mask just the day before will completely moisturize your hair. Hydrating your hair prior to a dyeing session is very important as this will protect your hair from all the harsh chemicals and blow-drying will not make your hair look dull.
  3. Styling becomes easier: After you have had your hair colored, doing various hairstyles becomes easier and your hair starts looking voluminous too. Every time you color your hair the hair follicles open up adding some extra volume and also it changes your hair texture.
  4. You need to switch shampoos and other hair products: After you have had dyed your hair it is important that you changed your regular shampoo and conditioner to the one that is specifically used for color protect. By doing this you can maintain the hair color for a longer period and also the color won’t be able to damage your precious possession.
  5. Use sun protection: Well, using sun protection for the skin was common but once you have had your hair colored you need to use headgears or UV protection sprays. In case you did otherwise, your hair color might turn into a brassy or very dull appearance and even the hair color starts fading quicker than the natural process.

Dyeing of hair can be really cool and pretty looking but there are certain things that you need to take care of so that you do not end up being disappointed.  

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