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Things you should not do after eating

After dinner many people tend lie down or watch a movie or just chill. If one has these as habit, they should know this can have negative effect on their health. There are something one should not do after having lunch or dinner, such as,

1. Sleeping – If one goes to bed after having meal, there is a higher chance of bloating, discomfort & other sleeping pattern because this will caused stomach to burn during the night. People who wait a longer period of time to go to bed have a less experience of stroke

2. Smoking – If someone is a chain smoker then one should wait for few hour after having meal. It contains Nicotine which can bind the excess of oxygen needed for digestion, and thus allowing human body to absorb more carcinogen than usual

3. Eat fruits – One should consume fruits before meal on an empty stomach. It is a fact that fruits require different enzymes in order to digest. One gets all the nutrient, fiber, and other suger by consuming the fruit when your stomach is empty

4. Drink tea – Make sure one should not take tea after meal. It can interfere with iron absorption. The Tea has a TANNIC acid in its content which can bind with protein and iron with our food. Deficiency of iron cause anemia


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