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This Bosch GO screwdriver is making waves; Know Why

Bosch has always been at the forefront of technology innovations in various areas such as consumer goods, mobility solutions, and industrial technology. If we talk about consumer goods, Bosch has provided a wide range of household appliances and power tools that have made life easier for millions of households. Keeping up with its legacy of providing the best and most innovative products to its customers, Bosch has launched the Bosch Go screwdriver in India. We were there at the launch event of Bosch Go, which was organized at one of Bosch’s premises in Bengaluru. It was quite like a surprise since we were not sure what the product was all about.

We reached the venue and waited patiently for the launch of the new product by Bosch. There were quite a few talks going around us about what the new product was and how it would benefit the consumer. Finally, the product was unveiled and it was a new screwdriver by Bosch. But wait, it was not just another screwdriver. The Bosch Go screwdriver is a revolutionary product that is set to change the very definition of screwdrivers. It is slated to change the way people and professionals work with screwdrivers. As a matter of fact, the Bosch Go screwdriver is the only smart screwdriver ever designed and made available to customers.

The features and benefits of the Bosch GO screwdriver became even clearer when a live demo was provided at the launch event. We were surprised to know that Bosch GO can easily be charged with a standard USB phone charger. It is powered by a lithium-ion battery, which is why it can be charged with any USB phone charger. Another great feature is that Bosch GO comes with advanced torque control. This ensures the most appropriate force, neither too strong nor too weak. The Bosch GO will automatically know when to stop, which makes it great to work with fragile items such as electronics and electrical devices. And just in case there’s a specific need, the Bosch GO screwdriver can also be operated manually, just like any other screwdriver. It is also very handy for hard-to-reach places.

The Bosch GO screwdriver comes with push start and an e-clutch. The e-clutch is an intuitive function which ensures that the motor stops automatically when you want to stop. Bosch GO has various modes of operations, ranging from low to high. It is a lot more powerful than existing screwdrivers in the same class and is amazingly easy to use. Just push and GO. Or shall we just say #BoschGO!

We are definitely going to get this amazing tool and are sure that other customers would also benefit immensely from Bosch GO, the only smart screwdriver ever made.

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