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This bull is worth Rs 25 crore; drinks 10 kg milk and half kg ghee daily

Bulls have become one of the top attractions at the Agri Leadership Summit 2017 being held in Surajkund, Haryana. One of the bulls attracting the most number of visitors at the event is a Murrah bull named ‘Shehenshah’. True to its name, which means Emperor, the bull far exceeds the qualities of other bulls featured at the event, in terms of strength, looks, diet, earning potential etc. The bull’s owner Narendra Singh said that his bull has also won a beauty competition for animals that was organized in Uttar Pradesh some time back.

Shehenshah is 4 years old, 1,400 kg in weight, 5 feet 10 inches tall and in length from head to tail, it measures an astounding 15.5 feet. As per the bull’s owner, its market price is currently 25 crore. It is said that the bull drinks 10 liters of milk daily along with half a kg of ghee (clarified butter). Fruits and other forms of high quality cattle food are also a part of the daily diet of the bull. The owner is happy to provide such a costly meal to the bull since its semen sells at a very high price in the market. It is estimated that the owner earns around 50-75 lakhs every year just by selling the semen of the bull.

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