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This Diwali, give the gift of health

Diwali is that time of the year when the entire nation erupts in celebrations. Engrossed in the fun and festivities, we often ignore our health.

The change in season lowers immunity, weakens digestive fire, lowers Ojas (immunity) and we become more vulnerable to diseases, which makes problems like cold, fever and nasal congestions very common.

In addition to these diseases that are triggered by change in Ritu (season), there are other diseases that are caused by Pragyaparadh (misuse of intellect). At no time in the entire year do we consume as much fast food and snacks, as we do during Diwali! On top of that we exchange gifts that were traditionally not as unhealthy as sugar-laden chocolates and sweets. Is there a healthier alternative to all of this?

Share Ayurveda, share health

Instead of the usual gift ideas, here are some unique gifts that, in its own simple way, will reflect the warmth of your wishes and benefit your recipients as well.

Copper water bottle: Tamra Jal (copper water) is beneficial in balancing all three doshas (vata, pitta and kapha) and is helpful in boosting overall health. Copper water is also known to be anti-microbial. It is helpful in strengthening heart functions, improves immunity, promotes healthy skin and slows down effects of ageing.

Chyawanprasha: A well-known and widely-accepted rejuvenating tonic that boosts up body immunity in general, and especially the respiratory system. It works as a shield to the body and prevents it from various seasonal as well as chronic health problems. This is perfect considering the fact that change in season is prime time for weakened immunity.  Chyawanprasha will help in re-establishing immunity.

Massage Oil: It is natural for the skin to become rough and dry with the drop in temperature with the onset of winter. If you are considering a gift for someone close, Ayurvedic massage oil makes for a great gift. The act of massaging the entire body with nourishing oil (Snehana) is highly beneficial for the skin, muscles and bones.

You can add more than one wellness gifts, such as herbal soaps, shampoos, skin products and combine it in a beautiful package, and present it to your friends, family members as well as your colleagues.

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