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This is world’s first hotel made from sand

We have heard of hotels made from ice, but now, in a first in the world, two hotels have opened in Netherlands, which are made from sand. The sand hotels have opened in the towns of Oss and Sneek in Netherlands. These have been made as part of the Friesland and Brabant sand sculpture festivals. They seek to promote the annual sand sculpture festivals in Sneek, Friesland and Oss, Brabant. The sand hotels feature fully furnished one-room suites. The suites are creatively designed inside sand sculptures that measure 8 meters in height. One of the sculptures derives inspiration from the Flintstones’ cartoon home town of Bedrock. The second sand sculpture is inspired by Chinese culture, history and folklore and features the Great Wall of China, dragons and the Terracotta Army.

These sand hotels are entirely livable, as they have electricity, windows, running water and Wi-Fi. One might wonder how these sand sculptures will survive, but that is not something to worry about since the structure is covered with reinforced sand. This ensures that it does not crumble when it is being used by anyone. However, not everything is made from sand. Things like the shower, bathroom fittings and deluxe box spring bed are made from standard material. The price for a night’s stay for a couple in one of these suites is USD 168.

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