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This Nation lockdown can also be beneficial for people

New Delhi, 23rd April 2020: Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a complete 21 days lockdown in the nation in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic. All the services and offices are on halt until this situation gets under control. India’s high population density has made it more prone to Covid19 and this lockdown is now the only safest option for everyone. Being at home for a long time is not easy for office workers and daily wagers. It can affect your mental health and it’s been seen that this outbreak has resulted in creating fear and stress in people.

When this lockdown was imposed it’s supposed to stop the imminent spread of this virus but a country of 1.3 billion population on halt has also provided the cleanest and better environment. All the factories, markets, and transport are on halt and this has resulted in the pollution-free cities. This is the best time for all to meditate and do yoga in this clean and fresh air which is also good for our body. Due to this fast lifestyle of all working people, there’s not much time for them to relax and enjoy their surroundings, there’s a lot of mental pressure and stress they deal within their life. This lockdown is a privilege to those people who want to cleanse their mind and body and get rid of all the negativity. There are many social workers and healing masters from which you can always get advice on healing and rejuvenation.

Gurpreet Singh Arora, Co-founder of The Center of Healing helps people in enhancing their inner soul and body and helps them think about their strength. This calm and peace in life are important.

Gurpreet Singh Arora, Co-founder of “The Center of Healing” said, “This Nation lockdown is the only step that we can do from our side to protect ourselves from this deadliest virus. We all know it’s not easy to just stay at home and you don’t have to do anything productive the whole day. But it’s the best time that we can ask for. This is the only time when we can keep ourselves away from all the stress and negativity in our life. Also doing yoga and meditation is very good for your mind and your soul to keep you away from all the anxiety and negativity. Our surroundings matter a lot as the aura of another person can make you affect. It’s better to keep your aura clean and positive. Being alone in another city away from your family can be very lonesome but this is the time you can be with them, and spending time with your loved ones can automatically make you positive and less anxious about anything. Reading can also be another good option for keeping yourself busy and it can also keep your mood happy and cheerful. This fight is not going to be easy and as I can see it’s going to be the longest one, so it’s better to keep yourself uplifted with positive vibes.”

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