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Threat to Rs 11,350 crore meat industry in UP after Yogi Adityanath elected CM?

One of the promises listed in BJP’s election manifesto in Uttar Pradesh was to close illegal abattoirs in the State when it came to power. Now, that the BJP government is in place, there are fears that the meat processing industry in the State, which is the largest in the country, could face the heat. These fears have become even more evident after Yogi Adityanath was appointed as the Chief Minister of India. Moreover, during election campaigns, BJP party president Amit Shah had said that all the abattoirs will be closed in the State after BJP came to power.

However, no announcements has still been made regarding the abattoirs in UP. Some experts say that closing the abattoirs will hurt the State’s economy since these abattoirs have a turnover worth a staggering Rs 11,350 crore. Factor in the direct and indirect jobs and industries associated with these abattoirs and one can easily see the huge economic impact it can have if the abattoirs are closed down. Nonetheless, sources said that the party will think about the decision after the Cabinet meets and discusses the issue.

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