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Time-saving laundry tips for people on-the-move

Laundry is one of those inevitable tasks in our lives that we really can’t get rid of, no matter how much we try. There are in fact weeks when keep piling up our clothes thinking of the weekend when we would do it. But at times, even the weekends goes by but the pile of dirty clothes remain! This is the sad story of most of us. We indeed find laundry time consuming and tiring. Our today’s article is on some time saving laundry tips that will be super helpful for those who really time-crunched. Read on to know how.

  1. Sorting

This is the first step to keep your laundry process organized and time-efficient. You mat want to sort clothes as per colour (light coloured clothes separate from darker ones), but it is advisable to sort clothes as per their material (like keeping the delicate ones like net, chiffon away from regular materials like cotton, etc.)

  1. Laundry routine / setting an alarm

This is one of the most important things in the entire process. Designate a day in the week on which you might want to do it. It is best to keep it for the day when you have your weekly off. Just in case you think you might forget, set up an alarm in your mobile for reminding you of the same. Once you get into this routine, laundry would seem less daunting

  1. The uniform challenge

There has been trend in the name of ‘uniform challenge’. In this, people wear the same clothes for an entire week (you may get 2-3 exact pairs of your dress for convenience). This will not only help you stay away from the everyday stress of deciding ‘what to wear’ but will also reduce your laundry load significantly.

  1. ‘Quick wash’ mode

Many of you would have noticed this already and might be using this already. This is the best mode for washing every day clothes as hey do not get that dirty. This ‘Quick wash’ mode not only helps save time but also electricity and water which is of crucial importance these days.

  1. Don’t wash denims frequently

If you are in a habit of washing your denims after everytime you wear them, then please rethink. Denims are meant to be worn for a long time and need not be washed after every wear as it is a hard and rough material. Byt make sure to five them a wash every month.

  1. Make laundry bearable by doing something fun while doing it

This is a rather interesting tip. You may take up anything that you like doing, such as, drinking, chatting with family/friends on phone, watching your favourite series on phone, listening to music, etc. These things will divert your attention from laundry and help you keep calm and relaxed

Following the above tips will not just help you save time from your laundry but will also help you have a routine lifestyle which helps you live a stress-free life and also leaves you with sufficient time for all those things that you love doing.

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