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Time to Change Your Career: These Are Some Ideas You Should Check

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In today’s world full of uncertainty, it’s easy to burrow yourself away in a job. You love your colleagues, the pay is satisfactory or you are simply afraid to make a step and move on to something new. In the end, whenever you even though it might be time to change your job, you got cold feet and came up with a reasonable excuse. 

However, staying at the same job for more than 3 to 5 years can actually harm you professionally and psychologically. The most important thing is to pay attention to signs like being exhausted all the time or constantly stressed. That means it’s time to change your career and reinvent yourself at a new position or in a different profession. And, so, here are some ideas you should definitely check as a new career choice.

1.     Advertising sales agent

The most important skill for an advertising sales agent is to have excellent communication with all types of people. If you have this skill, then you should definitely think about this job where you have to deal with all sorts of personalities and convince them to buy certain advertising services. If you like new and unknown challenges, then this will be an ideal job opportunity for you to reinvent yourself. 

2.     Art therapist

Art therapy is a wonderful way to help others overcome their troubles caused by a mental illness or discomfort. If you are artistically talented but had no opportunity to pursue this skill, then you should finish a course for art therapist and start giving lessons to others without judgment. You will be helping a lot of people who are trying to overcome their vice or stressor in their life through the healing properties of art.

3.     Caterer

Caterer doesn’t mean you have to be a chef, but rather that you have good organizational capabilities. Catering has become a very popular business in the past few decades and every event wants to have the highest quality of food. Your job will include much more than just dealing with the food, like organizing the staff, networking and negotiating with suppliers. So, in a way, this is one of the challenging managerial positions where anyone with good organizational skills will shine.

4.     Chocolatier

If you are a big fan of chocolate, then maybe it’s time to be one professionally. First of all, you will have to attend culinary classes focused on making chocolate and its products. Afterwards, you will be able to open your own shop and play with different tastes. So, in a way, it’s more than cooking and has everything to do with creativity and innovation which can really teach you a lot and help you be a successful chocolatier.

5.     Clothing store manager

People who like to shop and know fashion is ideal to work as the clothing store manager. Besides giving fashion advice to customers and helping them reinvent their style, you will also manage a small staff. Moreover, if you like shopping you will adore this new position since you can not only buy things at a special discount but also be the first person to see the latest fashion.

6.     Custom furniture builder

You probably heard that Harrison Ford likes to do carpentry in his spare time and George Lucas discovered him while he fitted cabinets in his kitchen. Carpentry may also be your big break if you like to meddle with wood and are always fixing things around the house. After a carpentry course, start by buying some old pieces of furniture and practice the newly acquired skill on them. Over time, you will start making your furniture from scratch and even become a brand.

7.     Eyelash extension technician

Beauty treatments are very trendy today, especially those that are all about looking natural like eyelash extensions. You can attend an eyelash extension course and work at the same time, so you won’t lose any time or money in the process of switching professions. If possible, you can open your own beauty salon and even expand the business to other services like microblading or nail art.

8.     Columnist

If you have a writing talent and like to voice your opinion, then maybe the columnist is your dream job. This is a position that requires critical thinking, humour, opinion based on information and even sarcasm. And the best thing is that you can write about anything depending on your area of interest and give others a different perspective or an informed opinion on certain matters. Moreover, you can be a freelancer, work for someone or in the end, be your own boss and start a website, so the possibilities are limitless.  

In the end

If you notice being miserable at your current job or you didn’t get that well-deserved promotion again, then maybe it’s time to change your career. There is a lot of other jobs you could excel at so don’t be afraid and start paying attention to what’s out there. Certainly, you will quickly find some ideas you should check and among them maybe your dream job.

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