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Tips for darker mehndi

It is the wedding season, and girls love to get mend made on their hands. And as we all know, the darker the mend turns, it not only looks beautiful, but is also linked to various superstitious believes related to one’s married life. Whateevr be it, we need to focus on the former bit 😉

Below are some tried and tested tips to get darker mehndi:

1. Apply mehendi 1 or 2 days before the occasion. Its give the darkest shade after this duration so on your occasion your hands will look nice

2. When mehendi is fully dried out remove it completely and apply Vicks or pickle oil on it

3. Do not wash you hand after removing mehendi for at least 12 hours

4. Warm some cloves in a pan and place your hand over it to get the smoke on your hand for the dark color

5. After mehendi dries a bit apply a mixture of lemon and sugar over it


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