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Tips for Dressing According to the Body Form

Tips for Dressing According to the Body Form

We all have different bodies, none more beautiful than the other, only different, and those particularities we must learn to wear to use them in our favor, for example, wider hips, not so marked waist, shorter legs or maybe buttocks not so raised.

That is why it is essential first to identify what type of body we have and what clothes, fabrics, and colors fit the best. Know these tips to learn how to dress according to the shape of your body:

Rectangular shape

The shoulders are aligned with the hips and have little curvature at the waist. Here the most important thing is to draw attention at the waist, you can wear dresses that fit at the waist and have a flight at the hip, you can mark the waist with a belt. If you are going to wear pants, avoid those that have a hip clip and choose those with a straight or tubed boot. For the blouses the best are V-cuts with that they help you to stylize the neck. Always choose clothes with last, do not opt ​​for straight dresses.

Round or Apple shape

A lot of volumes is concentrated in the abdominal area causing the waist curves to be lost. Dark colors make you look thinner and avoid using prints that draw attention and enlarge the figure. Avoid embellishments in jackets, blouses, and pants. The v-necklines will help you to stylize the figure. Avoid pants with a full boot. It is essential to use the appropriate size that the clothes do not fit too tight or too loose. The heels, in this case, are super allies, as they help you look taller and more stylish and sporty for looking great.

Triangular or Pear shape

This figure is small shoulders and full hip, with some curves at the waist. Here what you should look for is to balance the figure. Look for attention at the top with blouses or jackets with prints or horizontal stripes and preferable light colors. You can also use blazer with shoulder pads and pants that are straight cut and solid colors if you like skirts use them from the waist to not give more volume to the hip.

Inverted Triangle shape

It has broader shoulders than the hip, has a large bust and the waist is not defined.

Here also the figure must be balanced, in this case, giving more volume to the hip, the ideal is to use skirts with prints, flights or use accessories on the bones to focus attention there. Pants with full boot are ideal for this figure, also choose them with pockets that give the impression of more volume. On the contrary, you must wear simple blouses without any bolero that generate more volume to that area, of course, you must remove all shoulder pads from your closet and blouses of strips.

Hourglass Figure

The shoulders and hips are aligned, marking the curvature at the waist. Although this is the ideal body for many, it also requires tips to look good. At the time of dressing choose which part of the body you want to stand out, do not wear tight clothing on both sides of the body. Here you can take advantage of the fitted garments to mark the waist. V-necklines will help you highlight the figure.

If you want to emphasize more on your waist, you can use a belt as an accessory, even if you wear it under the bust. The dark colors are those that best highlight the figure. For pants, it is recommended to use a straight or tube boot.

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