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Tips on ironing your clothes correctly

Though ironing is a common household chore, many of us might not be aware of certain tips that will help them get a better result or consume lesser time in the process. The article below will help you with some quick tips on how you can make your ironing experience less tiring yet more effective and on-point.

  1. Use an ironing board

This is one of the most basic yet important requirements. One should invest in an ironing board if you do ironing regularly at home. Using an ironing board give you better ironing result and is convenient as well. Ironing on the bed or a table might lead to back pain or neck pain owing to the bending, while an ironing board can be fitted as per your height requirement

  1. Iron clothes inside out if required

There are certain materials that turn shiny after we iron them. It might damage the entire look and hence it advisable to iron such materials from the inside out so that the outer side of the fabric seems just fine.

  1. Secure pleats with bobby pins

While ironing skirts, it best to first secure the pleats with bobby pins first. This will not only result in getting the perfect crease on the pleats but also help you save significant time.

  1. Iron only on one side

Most of the clothes that we wear on a regular basis, does not need ironing both from outside and inside, owing to slightly light fabric. You may just want to iron it from the inside and then hang it on a hanger or fold it as you do.

  1. Choosing the correct setting

This tip is especially for the beginners who are still getting their hands on with the process or ironing. Before ironing any clothe, one must check the indicator on the iron mentioning the different heat modes for various materials. Choose the setting as per the fabric of the clothes that you are going to iron to avoid any possible damage to the clothes.

  1. Iron while the clothes are slightly damp

It is because ironing the dampness in the clothes with the iron’s heat helps give a perfect crispiness to the dress and there are no chances of any appearance of wrinkles. And even if there are any wrinkles already, all of it will go away, and your clothes will have perfectly crisp creases.

  1. Iron lengthwise to prevent stretching

It is generally noticed that ironing clothes breadthwise might make the clothes a bit stretched from the sides. To avoid this, always iron clothes lengthwise and keep you clothes looking new-like for a long time.

Moreover, if you want to make the ironing process soothing, turn on some of favourite playlist or play a movie on television, or listen to a book on tape. These activities will help you divert your core attention solely from ironing and let you enjoy your other activity.


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