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Tips on post episiotomy care at home

First of all let us know what episiotomy is; it is a intentional or surgical incision or cut made during vaginal delivery between your vagina and anus to decrease potential tearing. It is not always necessary but on certain conditions it is made obligatory such as prolonged second stage of labour, twin or multiple deliveries, baby in a breeched position, fetal distress or baby’s head in an abnormal position etc.  

Episiotomy could be painful and you might take a little long time to recover. Here are few ways on how to take care your episiotomy at home after delivery:

  1. First of all during the first 12 to 14 hours your pain could be little high, so you may require to treat that with ice packs which will prevent pain and swelling both.
  2. Keep the surgical area treated clean and dry to avoid infection. Use clean cotton towels to keep the area dry and clean. Every time you use washroom, wipe the area slowly from back to front using cotton towels.
  3. Do not bend much or lift heavy objects as it might get your stitches off soon which is not at all good. Just do not put pressure at all on the stitched area.
  4. Keep using sanitary pads even if your periods gets stop before your wound gets heals as this will help if bleeding starts again from your wound and save the stains in your undergarment.
  5. Do not have sex for at least 4 to 6 weeks post delivery. If you sex before the suggested timings you not only take it longer time to heal but also gets expose to certain infections and you stitches might come off sooner than it should be.
  6. Have a healthy balanced diet to avoid constipation because putting pressure on bowel might make it difficult and also causes pain. So as far as possible take fibre in your diet, include lots of fruits and green veggies.

By Dr. Shweta Goswami, Gynecologist and IVF Expert from Jaypee Hospital

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