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Tips to get rid of snoring without any medicine

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All are in deep sleep enjoying their dreams and suddenly your loud and unpleasant snoring calls them back to awake in the middle of the night! That too when you are unaware of that. Such situations not only make others with you uncomfortable but also develops a feeling of guilt inside you as you would never like to snore. Snoring after drinking heavily at night or due to a stuffy nose occasionally is normal, but if snore daily, then it definitely needs some attention.

There are certain things we cannot control at all. However, snoring is one such thing that you can control to a certain level with your active involvement in its treatment the natural way. Though there are medicines prescribed for it which you can get in any online drug store, preferring the natural treatment and lifestyle changes are always better.

So, here are some tips that can help you get rid of these awkward snoring episodes very effectively.

  • Change your sleeping habit: If you sleep straight facing the ceiling, it’s time to change sidewise. Cushion yourself with two pillows so that you feel comfortable this way and do not turn straight again.  Also, keep a pillow below your head so that your neck and body is aligned properly, not to obstruct the flow of air through the nose to the lungs. It can bring a significant difference.
  • No alcoholic drink before bedtime: If you drink before bedtime and expect a good night sleep, well  then , you are wrong , because it can affect your important sleeping cycle or you might just wake up with the need to urinate, which can  affect your health, and if your health is affected, during sleeping you might snore even louder!
  • Eat healthy, eat sufficient: Overeating before sleeping can be a bad call for your health and worse for regular snorers! On a regular basis, make sure that you eat a few hours before bedtime. For overweight people, eating a lot just before sleeping is not a good idea, as it may cause gas or acidity leading them to snore a lot. A healthy diet might decrease the number of fatty tissues around your throat which will give you a successful non-snoring sleep!
  • Stay hydrated: At bedtime, drink something healthy and non-alcoholic to keep yourself hydrated, in other words, drink water. It will prevent the drying up of your throat and will decrease the rate of your loud snoring. You can also go with other healthy drinks like buttermilk or juice, but make sure it does not irritate your throat. The purpose is to keep your throat moist and supple.
  • Do not smoke: Smokers complain more about snoring than any one else. Smoking is not good for your airways and lungs heart. It also gives rise to other disorders like sleep apnea and insomnia. The more you smoke, the intense will be your snoring.
  • Warm water shower: Taking a shower in warm water will open up your airways to let you breathe freely while asleep. Also, it will cool down your body temperature to signal your brain that it’s time to sleep. If you get good and sound sleep, there is less chance that you will snore.
  • Stay away from allergens: Anything that irritates your throat or makes your nose stuffy should not be in your bedroom. Check everything before you sleep. If it’s AC or the carpet or curtain in your bedroom that spreads dust mite, you need to keep a check on them. Be particular about the pets as well, if they cause any kind of allergy to you.
  • Open up your nostrils: It is good to clear your nose every night. Steam inhalation helps. People also do neti, which is the process of taking water from one nostril and pouring it out from another nostril. However, it is a special process which should be learned properly or else should be done in front of an expert. Doing “neti” every day helps a lot in cleaning of the nose which again clears the nostrils to avoid any snoring due to stuffy nose.

The above remedies are enough to help you with this problem and you will notice some significant change in your snoring patterns. However, if any of these tips alleviate your problem, stop that immediately. Also, if they do not help at all, it might be due to any other underlying health condition for which you need to see a doctor. In severe cases medicines or even surgery is advised. For medicines, you can find the best online medicine shopping site India to place an online medicine order and get it medicine home delivery.

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