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Tips to Implement the ‘Pull Marketing Effect’ in your Digital Marketing Campaigns

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The days of beating the drum and claiming that your offerings are the best in the industry, have sadly, gone out of date. Today, there is hardly any probability that you are selling something that is really unique. If you have something in your stores, there are hundred other websites which have it too. So, push marketing tactics are a thing from the bygone era. It is now time to implement the pull marketing strategies into your digital marketing campaigns! Now, you are confused over how to do that? We are not the ones who would leave you high and dry. We are here with some tips that would help you reap benefits with the digital marketing campaigns (by utilizing the pull marketing tactics).

Customer Segmentation

There are many brands who cannot reap the full benefits of their digital marketing campaigns due to poor segregation of customer’s data. They are not able to send targeted marketing messages that would appeal to the end recipients. Customer segmentation can give you a higher success rate, especially in email campaigns and social media marketing. If the marketing messages fall in line with the recipients thought process, then the chances of an action are significantly boosted. READ MORE .

Hard selling vs soft selling

Once you have created the customer segments it is now time to target them with your marketing content. Ideal digital marketing campaigns utilize impelling content that is a blend of the hard selling and soft selling styles. But if you have a list of visitors with real purchase intent you may also push some hard selling content to them with special deals. Reserve the soft selling content to raise awareness and curiosity about your brand.

Catering Information and Interest

You are amidst a crowded marketplace, and you have to first of all gather the crowd around you. And this can be done by catering useful and interesting information to your target customers. Whether you use blogging, video marketing, guest blogging or forum posting, the impetus should be laid upon providing value for money with your information. This will boost your reputation in the industry and lead to brand awareness.

Building a Referral Network

Even your present list of customers could be invaluable revenue generation sources. With a proper rewards and referral program in place, you could give them more reasons to refer your services to others. But, first of all you have appease the present list of customers with your products and services.

Whether it is social media or emails, pull marketing strategies always work better than the archaic push marketing methods. 

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