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Tips to keep your weight in check this festive season

The celebrations have started with the festive season and there’s a jubilant mood all around. People have worked hard all throughout the year and now they rightfully deserve to enjoy the fruits of their labor. The festive season is the perfect time to relax and unwind and to enjoy life with family and friends. It is also the time to enjoy some of the most delicious preparations known to humankind, especially the sweets made from pure milk or full cream organic milk. You might be a bit worried about adding inches to your waist during the festive season, but with our special tips, you can avoid that possibility. Here’s how you can continue to savor all your favorite sweets and other stuff during the festive season and still keep your weight in check.

Have sweets as snacks: Instead of having sweets and other festive food with your meals, you can use them as snacks. You can eat them at breakfast and in the evening. Normally, people eat festive foods along with their meals and they also have their snacks in the morning and evening. This significantly increases their overall calorie intake. By using sweets and other festive foods as your morning and evening snack, you can easily reduce your overall daily calorie intake by 500 to 1000 calories.

Use home-cooked stuff: You may buy sweets from your local store, but it might contain a lot more sugar than needed. This will increase your overall calorie intake. An alternative is to prepare sweets at home, wherein you can control the amount of sugar you want. You just need to buy some pure milk or full cream organic milk of a reputed brand and use it to prepare sweets and other food items. Preparing sweets at home will also ensure that there is no adulteration.

Have more vegetables and proteins: You can include more vegetables and proteins in your meals during the festive season. It would reduce your cravings for festive foods. For example, if earlier you used to eat 250 grams of festive food, it will reduce to 150 grams or 100 grams when you include additional vegetables and proteins in your meals. You will not be completely avoiding the festive foods, but only reducing the overall intake. And that too will occur naturally; you do not have to make efforts to suppress your craving for festive food.

Use these tips and you can continue to enjoy your favorite festive food items without worrying about adding inches to your waistline.

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